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When ladies decide to have laser hair removal in their bikini area, one question they often ask themselves is, “should I just have my bikini line done, or go the whole way and have a Brazilian?”.
If you want a little bit more off you can usually ask to go a little further in and remove a bit more hair, rather than going the whole way and having a Brazilian.
As less hair is removed in these procedures than with a Brazilian, this is the least painful process as the treatment won’t be as long. A Brazilian will remove all of the hair in the bikini area, including tops and backs of thighs, and even the anal area if needed. The treatment time will be slightly longer if you opt for a Brazilian, so you could say that this option is the most painful.
If you’ve decided to have a Brazilian, you may need to remove your underwear completely to have a totally effective treatment, so beware of this when it’s time.

Whether you want a love heart shaped landing strip or no hair at all, it’s totally up to you with laser hair removal! Some women might be too shy or frightened to ask for anybodies opinion, so that’s where this article can help you.
Hair that can be found outside of the bikini line area, and on top of thighs will be removed in a bikini line laser hair removal treatment. Some women like to leave a small amount of hair at the front in a strip, or they can choose to have it shaped (but a strip is most popular). Perhaps you’ve got a partner who likes it a certain way, or maybe you don’t want to bother with shaving anymore and would rather have it all lasered off. If you feel you’re too shy to remove your underwear, you could always try the treatment at home with a home hair removal laser by Tria.

You might not have thought that the kind of underwear you wear for this treatment is important, but it is. The laser is attracted to dark colours, so you want to choose a light shade of underwear to make sure the treatment is effective. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re wearing a thong, g-string, or a brief; basically something that will allow easy access for the laser (Women’s boxer shorts aren’t recommended).

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