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On the reverse, teaching your child not to talk to strangers has the adverse effect of instilling fear in the child. That being said, if you are in agreement to the logic behind it all, how would you deal with your womenfolk if you were to adopt the approach? In the late 90’s, computers were just starting to infiltrate homes and workplaces alike as the ultimate productivity tool. The biggest thing about this parental aversion to technology is that it’s happened countless times before in human history.
Unless we just calm down for a minute and think: why resist the inevitable, when you can use it to your full advantage? I have heard this proud proclamation by parents who simply refuse to allow their child any electronic entertainment past the Fisher-Price Barney Learning Fun Laptop. Schools all over the world are getting into the idea of interactive learning through the use of tablets and smart devices.
As our child advances in his or her education, computer usage will grow in increasing inevitability, from type-written compositions, class presentations and computer-based examinations, to video and audio editing, graphic generation and even 3D modeling, all before your child’s tertiary education is over, and any specialist modules are chosen. The second thing you need to acknowledge is that the Internet is going to be the most viable, accessible and available? Singapore has a new Internet sensation in the form of 4 very endearing children, nicknamed Dr Jia Jia (6), his Big Bludder (12), their little sister Hello Kitty (3), and their latest addition Pall Pall (2), whose online videos have, at the time of this post, landed them a very impressive 8th position in Youtube’s list of most subscribed Singapore comedians of all time. Their parents, content to stay out of the limelight in favour of focusing on their children’s antics, have been uploading videos of their children educating the public about Singlish usage for 2 years now, and the YouTube channel boasts 50 very professionally executed videos, including 22 official Singlish episodes, and some public service announcement parodies thrown in for good measure, all scripted and produced by their father. Their lao pek lao bu quiet quiet make veeleeo of them for 2 years alledi, now got 50 veeleeo, inside got 22 episode all talk Singlish one, some more got make fun of TV ads one, choo know? His father said in an interview with Blogfathers!, “Dr Jiajia struggles quite a bit in his school with his dyslexia.
Dr JiaJia is velly velly strong, and I must really kowtow to the family, they all velly lurving one, see the veeleeo you know alledi. As you guide your child through his or her first steps through primary school, you may have realised that there are plenty of non-curricular material to help with most primary school core subjects: storybooks in English and Mandarin for both languages, factbooks and fun experiments for Science, even storybooks addressing social issues for teaching moral education and social studies. Aside from assessment books, mathematics is the one subject that children have difficulty grasping, simply because its technical nature cannot be easily applied to their own real-life experiences. Bear with me here, this is just a suggestion, but there is a bigger lesson to be considered beyond the idea’s surface. You will have to first introduce your child to the various denominations (from 5 cents to $50 at least), then teach your child how to enquire about prices before purchasing anything, and finally, addition and subtraction of prices to determine change.
There is a catch, however; should your child end up spending the $10 before the week is up, there is no more money to be had until the following week.
The most important lesson that your child can take away from this exercise, however, is that money is not an unlimited resource. Disclaimer: This article is based on research garnered from online sources and the advice provided may not cover all situations. The recent spate of near-abduction events over the last week have led to a panic amidst the parenting community here. The truth is that these incidents have existed for quite a long time, and on a regular basis. There are a number of scenarios that act as motivation for such incidents, which also lend clues as to what to be conscious for when outdoors with your child.
These underworld outfits operate for the purpose of human trafficking for exploitation into slave labour, prostitution and even illegal organ trading. An international black market for illegal adoption exists where healthy infants and toddlers are primary targets; tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars are transacted for kidnapped babies, usually supplied by the same organised crime syndicates above, individuals in desperate need of money, or in some reported cases in America for example, staff in low-security hospitals who have administrative access to children. These are the stuff of hit crime dramas and blockbuster thrillers, and should be a concern for the socially affluent. In cases of matrimonial breakdowns or divorces involving children where custody battles are fiercely fought, a parent or caregiver not in custody of their child or children may look to extreme measures to strong-arm their own children away from their primary caregivers. Even rarer still are abductions by women who crave children of their own, but are by various circumstances unable to have any.
In view of the above scenarios, certain locations can be pinpointed as hotspots for parents to take extra care when gallivanting about with their children.
Do be aware, though, that mall security cameras may not always serve the purpose of keeping visual records of what is happening in or around the mall. Unlike shopping malls, these outdoor tented sales events do not usually boast security teams of their own, but notably busy bazaars like the famous Geylang Serai Hari Raya night bazaars do have police officers guarding the streets.
Parents will do well to carry their child in their arms if they are able, or keep their young children’s hands held tightly in the swarming crowds, especially when near the roadside. The more seasoned child abductors will study habits before striking, and schools demand a regimental, repetitive daily schedule that is easy for them to follow. School transport operators are also vigilant for incidents that fall out of routine, like a child who’s late for the bus or a child in the company of a stranger prior to boarding.
Parent volunteers working the road crossings during these times need to be mindful of suspicious new vehicles that are parked in the vicinity, especially if the same vehicle appears over a period of a few days. This is really where a parent’s skills in keeping track of their child can be honed to its fullest potential. Plenty of family-oriented activities are being churned out weekly for parents to bring their children out for a day of fun.
Also, make sure you register yourself and all your family members with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ eRegister system to ensure you can get support from the respective Singapore embassy or high commission in case of emergency. A recent incident at AMK Hub involving a mother whose child was allegedly nearly taken by a stranger has been making its rounds on Facebook, and has the Singapore online community of parents spooked. As parents, there really isn’t anything we would not do for our children, but in facing a situation such as this, what can we do for peace of mind?

When child safety becomes a concern, most fathers can always fall back on the one thing they can most relate to: technology. The creation of the Amber Alert in the US has given rise to companies that provide GPS location devices and services specifically for locating your child.
The idea is not lost on Singapore; both Singtel and StarHub provide fee-based (monthly or pay-per-use) locator services that allows you to track the whereabouts of your loved ones. Parents with iDevices for themselves and their children will have an easier (not to mention free) alternative.
Of course, all this will come to naught without your own conscious effort to keep your child safe and close to you when you’re out. We may take for granted that in Singapore the crime rate is low, But as dads, we will always see ourselves as the protectors of our families.
Do you have any more tips to share on protecting your child from stranger-danger situations, or have a differing opinion? His bottomline was the transition from managing one kid to managing two kids is two totally different ballgame. And the most urgent thing you have to learn from day zero is the meanings behind your children’s cries. My own experience with my son has taught me, there are 4 main cries to always be alert for: hunger, diaper change, sleep, and pain. In this excerpt from Dear Xander, that same pressure led to an emotional breakdown between mother and child in what was ultimately a miscommunication between parents and preschool over how a 3-year-old’s homework should be done.
It begs the question: are we putting too much stress on ourselves and our children, in the quest to prepare ourselves for the rigorous, competitive academic life that is signature of the Singapore education system?
Your mother tried getting you to write the Chinese characters on a blank piece of paper, without much success.
Besides inspiring us with his self-pronounced national title, Mr Brown is also a father of three, one of whom has autism.
We’ve taken the liberty to select an excerpt from one of his more touching blog posts touching on the more challenging aspects of caring for a special needs child, and dedicated to his son Isaac, whose love for his sister transcends his tender age. One day, I am sure I will be able to explain autism to you and your younger three-year-old sister, Joy. With this in mind we are seeking volunteers to become involved in some of the work that we do.
Even as adults, we continue to deal with strangers all the time, from tourists asking for directions, to people in the lift remarking how cute your kid is, to the McDonald’s counter staff taking your order. But the logic behind the seemingly reckless act of non-parenting, and the subsequent lessons that followed is built on a rather solid foundation.
I was a cocky A-level student then, constantly achieving less than stellar grades, and completely aloof about the things that were going on around me, one of which, was computers. When the radio first got popular in the pre-Depression era, parents were up in arms about how their children will turn into hipsters listening to this new-fangled rock-n-roll garbage. It not only prevents the device from taking over your child’s free time (and subsequently, life), it creates a really huge opportunity to exercise your parenting chops. More importantly, the family has become an epitome of our Singapore identity, and provides relief from the rigidity of our education system, and inspiration for us all.
Their veeleeo like dam easy to do liddat, but got a lot of meaning one, see alledi make me sibeh ploud to be Singaporlian ah! Textbooks will use apples and oranges, cars traveling certain distances at certain speeds, but at this age, children are more likely not to like eating fruit in the first place, and certainly don’t have driving licenses.
So instead of giving them a daily allowance of, say $2, how about you provide them with an upfront weekly allowance of $10 instead?
By the end of the exercise, your child will hopefully have learnt basic mathematics for up to 2 decimal points, which is pretty advanced for a 7-year-old. This means ensuring your child will have something to eat when he or she comes home, even though it may not necessarily be something your child actually likes eating, like fruits. By maintaining the discipline of providing only weekly allowances of a strictly fixed sum, you can also teach your child that money isn’t easily attained, and prudence is key for your child to ensure he or she can survive the week without going hungry at school. Part of the reason for the panic stems from a lack of information over why these incidents are occurring, and what exactly parents need to be wary of as they pursue outdoor activities with their children. We do have to keep in mind, because child abduction is not a simple act by any means, kidnapping incidents are considered very rare in Singapore and the descriptions as follows are meant for a clearer understanding of preventive measures parents can take.
These are, however, very rare, given a very strong deterrent in Singapore against kidnapping of any nature – if charged, kidnappers face the death penalty. The basis behind a strange woman leading your child away may stem from a case of maternal instincts overwhelming the female offender. The AMK Hub management is also assisting the local authorities with investigations relating to the incident.
Older children also need to know to stick close to their parents, and parents should always be mindful of where the boys in blue are in case they need to call for help. It pays to maintain communications with the school bus driver, and let them know to update you if he or she notices anything strange or untoward along the way.
Many malls boast large areas of play for children, equipping themselves with slides, crawling tunnels, and even water spouts for kids to run through, as well as a rest area for weary parents. Even then, given you are adhering to the advice given for taking care of your child in pasar malams and flea markets, some homework still needs to be done. Focusing discussions on the child as the main topic rather than your own concerns will make sure grandparents know you bear no ill will, and drive the point through that everybody is working to make sure the child is safe. The devices can be in the form of non-descript handheld GPS tracker boxes, smaller devices that are easily accessorised or concealed, or even watches or bracelets, that can be carried, worn, or placed in strollers and prams, and are usually tied to a subscription-based service that ensures immediate response should you need to locate your child. It pays to be aware of what your pre-teen or teenage child does online, particularly on social network and gaming sites like Facebook or Habbo, or even in their e-mails.

Vigilance naturally plays a large part of any parent’s care for a child, and it also requires much discipline and habit-forming on the part of the parent. Whether the stories of attempted abduction are real or rumoured, just remember the case of the McDonald’s boys, and be mindful that we do need to play our part to keep our families safe in any case.
Its a different skill set to read and to listen and often, reading to them allows them to enjoy the story more and let their imagination run while they listen to you read.
NLB has been running a program call 10,000 & More Fathers Reading and this year marks the 5th anniversary.
I find it hard to?consistently speak Mandarin to Xavier, even though I came from a Mandarin speaking family.
Short of doing the breastfeeding yourself, whenever you can provide support to your baby in lieu of your wife, do it. To be a parent under such special circumstances, and still be able to run Singapore’s most successful blog, think up hashtags on Twitter to poke fun at current events and bring home the bacon just by being funny, is truly an inspiration in itself. Our volunteers do not need to become involved in everything, but anything that you can do would be much appreciated.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! This point alone effectively makes interacting with strangers essential to a child’s social development.
I swore to myself that I would never use a computer, because quite frankly, I never saw the relevance of such advanced technology in my life. When televisions were being churned out of productions lines during the Depression era, parents were writing into their governments demanding that controls be in place to stop their children from watching too much of the devil’s picture-box. But lest we forget, the Internet is also a dearth of information happily shared by people who care as much for knowledge as parents do, if not more. He can’t read much (except recently he has improved) and he needs his classmate to read him the math questions before he can answer.
This is the discipline portion of the exercise, and also enables your child to learn to be budget-conscious when handling finances over a fixed period of time, much like how corporate finances are planned over a fiscal year.
The latest incident occurred at a school in Simei, where a 10-year-old boy was snatched from his grandmother and subsequently let go.
So when it comes to keeping a visual on your child’s safety, nothing is more effective than your own line of sight. These include security guards posted at entrances to record vehicles entering or leaving the school, as well as parent volunteers that ensure safety on the roads. Here you can practise watching your kids like a hawk (and become very good at it); besides watching for strangers who want to interact with your child, the more probable purpose would be for you to intervene if your child gets into a scuffle with other children over dibs on the swing, or crashing into other kids on the slide.
But losing your kid in a foreign country can be the most harrowing experience a parent will experience.
The caveat is that the service only works for phones within Singapore, though location accuracy can be pinned down to within a 50-metre range given the right environmental conditions. Even if you’re not comfortable with providing your child with a phone, or your child is just too young to learn how to use one, equipping him or her with a S$288 iPod Touch may just give you that extra security to ease your worries, as well as an additional avenue of entertainment for your kid. This is an iffy area to delve in, seeing as a balance needs to be maintained between keeping your child safe from online predators and respecting your child’s online privacy with his or her genuine, legitimate friends. Her picture book recommendations (for children ages 2-5) dealing with the subject, coupled with her holistic approach to teaching your child how to identify and engage with strangers, enable both you and your child stay conscious of safety whilst mingling with other people. Whenever you’re out in public with your child, always keep your child in your line of sight, especially if he has a tendency to run amok. Xavier only replies in English and after a few sentences, I would unknowingly reply back in English too. Crying for a diaper change will sound more consistent, and sound more like the baby’s complaining than actually sad.
Your mother started wondering what you’ve been taught in school since you enrolled back when you were 18 months old.
When computers started pushing VGA graphics and computer games were being offered on a buffet line,? Given the right resources and guidance, your child can become a whiz at any school subject, get access to any information quickly and efficiently, and the best part is, the skills that come with using the Internet for research and knowledge is a life skill that will follow your child through to old age. The good thing about technology development is that a lot of the innovation is being created by parents conscious of just this kind of thing. That being said, there is definitely a balance in the force that needs to be maintained; using a computing device just to placate your child while you run your errands or take a nap pushes you further into the dark side (remember, Darth Vader was never there for Luke all those years before Luke actually found out the black helmet dude was his father), while using a computing device with your child opens the path of the Jedi to both you and your young padawan.
In any event, the organiser will know how to direct you to the help you need if, say your child strays in the crowd and you can’t find him or her. Your best bet is to have a proper discussion with your child about your concerns as a parent, and understand your child’s needs and boundaries as well, so as to properly accommodate each other. Allowing your child to surf the Internet should come with proper monitoring and restrictions, all of which are easily done with some configuration, which I will be dealing with in a later post. In the same vein, make sure you know where the information counter or information tent is so you know where to go to find assistance.
Any action you wish to take on the offender can be taken after your child is safe in your arms. The fear of new things spans generations of parental worry, and quite frankly, does not look set to end anytime soon.

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