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At first, you should eliminate evening feeding (before the night sleep), then day feeding (before daily bedtime), and at last night one. The process of weaning: gradually reduce the time of sucking up to 1-2 minutes and then completely eliminate feeding. In the process of your potty training and even after your baby masters the case, there will always be "accidents". The signs of readiness for weaning are the following: the baby can fall asleep without breastfeeding, or the baby can be easily distracted from breastfeeding by means of such activities as reading books, telling stories, watching a cartoon.
It is not allowed to stop breastfeeding your child in one day, unless absolutely necessary.
Breast sucking is more a symbol of comfort and security than food for a child who eats full meal. Scientists have found out empirically that an optimal period is on average from 2 to 2.5 years.

The child can play for too long or be very keen on something, and just won't pay attention to the discomfort before urinating. The quick weaning has a very bad impact on child's psychology and on the condition of mother's lacteal glands. In no case should you scold a child because he\she has done everything in pants instead of going potty. Now your baby is interested in everything that is unreachable and in what parents try to hide or put away.
In fact, this is unconscious potty training, in other words the mother notices the interval of time when the baby defecates, and helps her baby to go potty around the time.
It is desirable to remove carpets, lay upholstered furniture with disposable under pads in places where the child often sits. Your baby would gladly tell you that he\she has done "pee-pee" or "poo-poo", though as post factum yet.

From an observer your baby grows into an active participant of games, conversations and activities. Only over one and closer to two years old a child begins to control physiological functions. If you will constantly scold the child because he\she does not go potty, then the baby may feel aversion to the potty and even aversion to the process of going potty.
As a result, there is constipation, no desire to make "pee-pee" and incorrect functioning of the bladder.

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