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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. SIR Harry Burns, Scotlanda€™s chief medical officer, is right in wanting more pregnant women and their partners to be given proper advice and guidance. LIAM MCQUADE killed himself at a showpiece observational ward designed to save suicidal patients.
POLICE have been asked to investigate claims that crematorium staff routinely denied grieving parents the chance to bury their babies. They spend careers breaking bad news to patients and understand the need to deliver that news in the plainest language possible. Sir Harry Burns, Scotlanda€™s chief medical officer, was certainly in no mood to beat about the bush yesterday.

Sadly, the most shocking thing about his alarming diagnosis of the state of Scotlanda€™s health was that it will shock few of us. We need a new path to good health and, according to Sir Harry, Scots can start on that path before they can even walk.
Sir Harry wants more pregnant women and their partners to be given proper advice and guidance and taught how to properly protect their children from a future blighted by largely self-inflicted ill health. Of course, some will complain about the cost of teaching some parents skills that millions seem to pick up naturally. Every one of us must take responsibility for our own health and big dramatic measures, like minimum pricing for drink, for example, need to be properly discussed and debated. Cities such as Liverpool and Manchester were once even sicker than Scotland but have got better.

We wish them well because it is time to shed our countrya€™s reputation as the sick man of Europe. It may not shock any more that people residing in Westminster will live 18 years longer than those born in Easterhouse.

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