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I don't know how many of these parenting goals will become a reality, but a mom can dream, right? I realise this is most likely more difficult than my idealistic little mind can even grasp, since there are three-year-old twins added to this mix of boys, and everyone knows three-year-olds are little terrors who can't be left alone for any amount of time without completely destroying something or hurting themselves. Everyone got slippers for Christmas this year, so that's what we'll all be wearing from here on out. Lately we've been breaking up the boys for baths, bathing half of them in our nice garden tub and the other half in their own, smaller tub. Not only have they destroyed my garden tub, but they use my toilet, the one toilet in the house I'd like to call mine. They are also, apparently, quite proud of what comes out of their bodies into the toilet and so leave it there for all the world to see. Beth Stewart is a married Canadian freelance writer with three grown children and a granddaughter Isabelle whom she adores.
Congratulations, you've survived your child's babyhood — and also the difficult journey through the unmistakably terrible twos. All too often people find themselves in situations where miscommunication, upon miscommunication, has compounded into becoming an impossibly difficult barrier to overcome.
Something went wrong somewhere, so try and think back to the very first sign that there was a problem. This is your chance to do two things: a) reinforce things which they do towards you that are positive, b) start talking about the issues without accusing them of anything or starting a confrontation.
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We like goals, because goals are something we work toward and may or may not accomplish throughout the course of a year, but at least we know we tried - and just trying is to be applauded in the life of a parent. Add to that a nine-month-old who thinks everything on the floor is food and three other boys who track in mud from the backyard, and you have a recipe for no sleep.
While they are supposed to remain contained within his little corner of the house, they somehow migrate into all the other rooms, which means it's not even remotely safe to walk anywhere barefoot. We parents aren't issued a rulebook or guidelines which guarantee raising a happy child into a well-balanced adult. Now that he's 3 years old, you hope for smoother sailing ahead, but what should you expect? Far different than your 2-year-old, kids who are 3 are easier to understand and have a better grasp of communicating their needs.
He is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, and truly enjoys helping other’s better understand teen related issues. Sometimes offensive actions worsen the situation because people who are angry often say and do things that represent their emotion at the time, rather than how they truly feel. No one expects to be made to feel good about something they are doing when they either know why the other person is angry with them or they think that they did something wrong. Spiritual, financial, personal, business-related, marriage goals, family goals, reading goals, learning goals. I wanted to finish my homework 10 minutes faster and play outside for 30 minutes more after school and eat black-eyed peas for New Year's lunch without gagging. This is something that has happened to me, and I believe that it happens with many other people as well.
Obviously if you know specifically you did something wrong then you can go straight to preparing your apology.

Explain in detail, occurrences, events, times in general, that a particular thing they’ve done has upset you. If you are aware of what to expect from your 3-year-old as far as development, milestones and normal behavior go, you'll both enjoy that journey to 4. Options like texting, internet, or over the phone might work in some situations where the infraction is relatively minor. For example, if you are apologizing for not doing something you said you would’ve, or maybe slightly embarrassing someone around your friends. Talking to people when trying to work out issues, if at all possible, should always be used, however. The reason for this is that you can gauge their reactions, expressions, and tone of voice easily. While this period should be a calm conversation, let them take the lead unless they become unforthcoming with their feelings. You want the personal touches to be there if you’re to be considered genuine in what you say. Some people will become irritated if this behavior persists for longer than a single occurrence or two.
There could be a problem bigger than you could imagine, it may not even have to do with you, but it could be having an affect on their emotions and causing them to act the way they do.

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