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From figuring out patterns, matching pairs, color sorting  and more, play activities are a great  hands on way for toddlers & preschoolers to explore, experiment and learn.
Welcome to the September edition of Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival: Exploring and Learning. This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival hosted by The Positive Parenting Connection and Authentic Parenting.
The following activities are simple to set up and offer an opportunity for toddlers and preschoolers to discover and learn about sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, textures  and much more. All of these activities are also great for developing some self-regulation skills like patience, dealing with frustration, taking turns, asking for help, using manners, creativity, problem solving and more. Visit The Positive Parenting Connection and Authentic Parenting to find out how you can participate in the next Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival!
Letting Go – Sutra at One Little Bean writes about letting go of metaphorical reins and reminds us that to child something we’ve seen thousands of times can be a great source of interest and excitement. Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama shares 50 Ways To Explore and Connect To Nature With Your Children. Bring more calm and cooperation into your home today with a copy of 12 Alternatives to Time Out. Copyright Notice: It is not permitted to copy, re-blog or distribute contents without prior written permission from the Positive Parenting Connection. Learner Mosaic is a top free parenting app that will give you tons of tips to help you with your preschoolers. Learner Mosaic offers exclusive content and gives you personalized insights into your child’s learning across more than 75 early-learning skills, which extend beyond the basic 123s and ABCs to cover other crucial areas, including social-emotional development, executive functions, critical thinking, and character skills, among others.

Thanks for your support - If you like our reviews, please support us and link to iTunes -App Store via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews. Here are some printable worksheets to help your preschooler work on his counting. Do your kids bring home sandwiches that have only been nibbled on, fruit that has been half-eaten, or carrots that are still fully-formed? If you remember being a kid at all, chances are your memories are a mixture of awesome moments of triumph and glee, sprinkled with some incidents you'd rather forget. While apps add so much value and simplicity to our modern lives, there is no doubt that parents need to be meticulous about the apps they allow their children to use. Number Bingo WorksheetsNumber Writing Worksheets What Can You Do If Your Child Has Trouble Reading? Texture scavenger hunt and collage:  First we went around the house to gather up a few different items with various textures. First we played together and then this kept her busy for over an hour on her own, just exploring, dumping, cleaning up, measuring and so on. If you are looking for some inspiration on getting outside with your children, this is the post for you! She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate.
Time In: What's the difference?When your Child Says: I Hate You!If Not Punishment, Then What? If you liked our reviews, please support us and link to iTune via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews.

First we spent time taking things out of the plastic bin, then we sorted all corks to one side, all magnets to the other. We took turns matching and sorting and trying to fit different cups and lids onto the traced patters. It was challenging not to pinch the cork making it really good for concentrating and dealing with frustrations too! The app can be used in conjunction with the Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program for Preschoolers or can also be used as a stand alone app.
I made up a silly story that the dinosaurs needed to be rescued which made it even more fun! We also built cup towers and made shapes like circles with 6 cups, a big square with 1o or so cups, a small square with 4 cups etc…This was another activity that led to a long time of independent play! This activity is great for focus, concentration, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It’s a great activity to learn about size concepts, practice tracing, and hand to eye coordination. We talked about smells, good smells like lemon juice, coffee, strawberries etc…There was a lot of experiments with overfilling muffin tins and watching it all fall to the ground.

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