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With the avalanche of information that accompanies pregnancy, not to mention the fluctuating hormones and a rapidly unrecognisable body, it's hardly a surprise that many mums-to-be are often left feeling exhausted, emotional and stressed. Stress during pregnancy can lead to problems such as raised blood pressure and low birth weight so it's advised by medics that pregnant mothers should keep their stress levels at a minimum. B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation is a relaxation aid unique in that it is specifically targeted at pregnant women. B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation is just one of several relaxation recordings available at Breastfeeding Mums which aim to help mums, dads and even small children to relax.
B'Mums Perfect Relaxation for Parents - Both mum and dad can take some time out when the demands of parenthood are taking their toll.

Because the background music of each recording has been captured at a speed known to induce relaxation, the recordings quickly get to work; the more often they are listened to, the more beneficial they become. BreastfeedingMums is one of the UK's leading online pregnancy and breastfeeding resources. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. It offers mums-to-be an escape route from the stresses and strains of modern day living allowing them time out and an opportunity to bond with their unborn baby.
They awaken feeling fresh, stress-free and ready to get on with enjoying their pregnancy," explains Sinead.

Consequently, the end result is that they commonly tend to neglect themselves," says Sinead Hoben, Founder of Breastfeeding Mums.

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