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It is impossible to go through life without experiencing that hurt which comes from a unkind word, or a questionable glance.
I remember when I was very small—maybe four or five, sitting on a cushioned chapel bench and staring up into Mama’s face during the Sacrament prayer. So there you have it: My list of the 10 (okay, 9!) most annoying child behaviors imaginable!
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Passive-aggressive behavior on March 12, 2015 by admin. When these things happen we are left to wonder and assume what the person really thinks of us and if they intended to offend. One of our visitors came to me with a very pouty face and tattled on behaviors of two of the other children.

This has to be the number one most annoying child behavior ever known in the history of…well, EVER!
There’s nothing more annoying than kids that leave their messes all over the place…okay, whining is more annoying…but messiness is definitely high on the list! Kids that “take their time doing things” are making it tough for those of us that want to “get moving!” This is the ultimate in passive-aggressive behavior.
If I hear “That’s not fair!” one more time…them I’m probably going to do something that really isn’t fair! There’s no reason for kids to do this unless there’s a safety issue at hand…and 9 times out of 10 there is not. These kids snatch things, grab, hit, scratch, and pinch, (and so on) when they are upset or frustrated.

Most of the time these kids aren’t very appreciative of the things that they DO get because…well, they expect it. As she sat with her head bowed and eyes closed throughout the passing of the bread and water, I thought about the words she had spoken.

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