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Usually, when things don’t go right with our children, we tend to point our fingers to everyone else except to ourselves. Do kids always have to listen to our every command because as parents, we have the upper-hand and are always right (even when we are wrong)? And if you read deeper, you might, just might… Find the solution to our most common problems.

Like how could we, the parents, have gone wrong with all the money and ‘time’ spent on our beloved, most precious gems right? Parents have to take all the blame because at the end of the day, they are our kids, our responsibilities, OURS. Roti canai, burger ramlee, roti bakar, roti BOOM; just to name a few… simply irresistible!

Education begins at home and nowhere else (unless of course, our kids don’t stay with us under the same roof, that is a different set of lifestyle altogether).

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