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If you've ever felt that your home has dissolved into a whining, screaming, nagging mess, you could benefit from some positive parenting techniques. While positivity sounds good to most people, it can be difficult to understand how to put it into practice on a daily basis. Most parents play with babies, but many start to lose that sense of fun as their children get older. Positive parenting techniques aim to remove intimidation, threats, and pain from the parenting arsenal. If your child is prone to tantrums in waiting rooms, for example, bring him books, small toys,and other activities to keep him occupied. To create a more positive atmosphere in your home, start catching your kids in the act of doing good. INTUITION, gut feeling or higher awareness!:Tuning in to my son and asking myself: What is needed here? NEEDS!: If my son is unhappy, sad or frustrated it is always because he has an unfulfilled need. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, support and acceptance!: Even if my child is 'behaving badly' I strive to meet him with acceptance and not ride along the same emotional wave. Once again I know there's a need behind the behavior and to me it just doesn't make sense to punish the expression (crying or e.g. Since this deep social bonding is so extremely important need for my son, I have decided to always try to do what I can to meet it.
I make sure I have enough time to lie there for at least 5 minutes until he feels he has had his morning dosage of closeness! If I don't take my time or just yank him out of bed, he can be cranky and extra sensitive for a long time afterwards!Preparing His Consciousness for Potential New Events that Break RoutineParenting Techniques No. Or if my son is going home to play with one his mates after kindergarden, I speak a lot about the event the day before and in the same morning until I'm 100% that he knows I won't come to pick him up after kindergarden.Striving Towards no Rush in the Mornings! At the moment my son has a thing about wanting to do everything himself like for instance, zipping up his winter coat. Looking at him trying to zip up requires a truckload of patience because I can see that he will not manage. 2) Because I don't want him to suffer just because I myself tend to fight with the 'I'm-always-busy-syndrome' that so many people in western society suffer from. This fills up his need for closeness and he can most often return to playing by himself a little more afterwards. How I practically apply my parenting techniques:If my son says he not hungry, I don't force him to come to the table. If I feel that it's been some time since he last had a certain type of food, meat for instance, I present some vegetables that I know he's not too crazy about and some meat that I know he loves. I dedicate the few evening hours to him and then he can take them if he wants to!Making the Bath Become Irresistibly Interesting! Then I arrange all his bathing toys in an interesting way and squat beside the tub and play with the toys myself. To avoid potential morning stress even though I have a time buffer, I sometimes let my son change for tomorrows t-shirt, socks and underwear in the evenings before going to bed. When he was younger, I let my son have a degree of say in tooth brushing by letting choose where he wanted his teeth brushed.
No matter what strategy I use, I always make sure he knows exactly what's going on - tooth brushing is a definite (tooth brushing is too important in the long run to not be consistent) but he gets to decide how it will happen! When a toddler starts to go to the toilet, we as parents tend be overprotective in the sense of trying too much to control our kid's toilet habits. Even though our intentions are good - trying to avoid accidents - we actually may me be taking away our kid's unique opportunity to learn to follow his or her own bodily urges.

I only ask my child if he wants to pee if we're going our or if I can see on his body language that he really needs to go but is confused whether he wants to be bothered. Traditional child discipline dictates that independence is typically something that you teach your child.
I lie down with him and we talk a little about his day and he puts his hands on cheeks which has calmed him down ever since he was a baby.
Basically all the positive parenting tips are about empowering kids through autonomy, decision making and responsibility. I don't necessarily agree with everything in this video (especially when comes to punishment which I don't really believe in) but there are a few really good messages about empowering kids so here it is and you can judge for yourself. Positive Discipline Techniques Use the Raw Power of Presence & Beingness and See Your Kids Empowered and Encouraged! Funny Parenting Tip Treasure Hilarious Parenting Videos & Funny Kids Videos That'll Light up Your Day!
As the name suggests, "positive parenting" focuses on the positive rather than the negative, choosing positive reinforcement, natural consequences, and conversation over spanking, grounding, and screaming.
With our hectic schedules of work, school, and chores, it's easy to lose sight of things like play. While opinions vary on whether or not spanking is abusive, there's one thing we can all agree on: it is not a form of positive parenting.
Set your child up for success by making sure that he is well rested, fed, and healthy before putting him in situations or environments that ordinarily cause a meltdown. Often we parents get confused when rigid child discipline rules or norms say one thing while our gut says another. How I practically apply my positive parenting techniques:When waking up my son in the mornings, I go to his bed and lie down with him.
2: Installing Basic Security in the Face of ChangeIf I know that the day will present events that will break routine, I can spend time several days ahead preparing my son's consciousness for the upcoming change. 4: Supporting Deep Focus in PlayOften when I come to pick up my son in kindergarden, he's deeply involved in some game.
1) Because I want to support his independent play process without my interruptions - he knows we're about to go but needs to properly finish off the game. Sometimes I stop all the hotplates and just sit and talk with him for 5 minutes and go into his room to initiate a game before returning to the kitchen. But mostly he just regulates himself between veggies and meat - some days he only eats vegetables other days meat!Mentally Prioritizing Time for My Son Those Few Evening Hours!
Most often he can't resist this and shortly afterwards he wants to go into the tub himself. Taking his clothes on and off is very challenging for him and takes a lot of time which we have in the evenings but not in the mornings.
Tooth brushing is one of the biggest challenges for my creative mind because one strategy might work one day but not the next. Sometimes it would be in the bed, sometimes while watching Postman Pat, sometimes standing on a chair etc. He obviously doesn't like having wet pants so I let this natural consequence be his teacher.
Only once during these couple of month after not wearing the diaper anymore has he peed in his bed. You roughen up your child by gradually taking away security so that the child will learn to cope alone.However, going to sleep all alone in the dark can be traumatic and result in conflicts before bedtime simply because going to sleep is associated with unpleasantness.
In fact, besides waking him up in his bed in the mornings, sleeping time is one of our most intimate moments. If you want more related parenting articles about positive parenting tips and empowering kids, you're welcome to continue your visit on my positive parenting website.

They make parents feel calmer and kids feel more secure, so don't reserve hugs for bedtime. Start small, with pats on the back, touching their elbows as you speak, and a hand on the shoulder. This does not mean you will give up on discipline, simply that you'll find more positive methods. A smile, praise, pat on the back, or actual reward can go a long way towards giving your kids the incentive to keep behaving well. When you feel solid and strong as a person, you'll naturally be more effective as a parent. You can go here to read more in depth about this theory of unconditional parenting and unconditional positive regard This was a brief intro to the theory behind my techniques.Let's now see them in action!Gently Waking Up My Son in His Bed!
Just extending a hand can make him furious - it's an interruption in his 'I can do it myself project'.
6: Room for Choice and Supporting His Getting to Know His Bodily SignalsDinner time can be stressful if we try to force things through that our children resist.
Also, many studies have show that too much bathing can dry out the skin by removing its natural oiliness. As your child becomes more comfortable, you can progress to hugs, cheek kissing, and holding hands. I always get up somewhat earlier than strictly necessary to make sure that I have a time buffer of at least half an hour.
5: Giving Him Attention Treats Even When I'm BusyWe all know the difficult hour before dinner time when our kids are hungry and tired just when we parents need time to cook. 7: Time for Bonding and PlayAfter a long day of work, it can be difficult to shift activity mode and get potential stress out of the system. He comes over and says that his pants are wet and we change them and we talk about what happened. When he does I go in and place hand on him, and most often that is enough for him to go back to sleep.
In this way there's always time for my son to properly finish something - a project, or a choice - before leaving.
How I practically apply my positive parenting techniques:Sometimes I give my son some fruit on the way home from kindergarden.
Often we tend to carry our sense of having to be in control of everything into family life.
Talking about it in non judgemental, neutral terms, helps him become more conscious about the event. However, sometimes awakens more and I simply carry him to my bed where he instantly calms down. How I practically apply my positive parenting techniques:Often my son only wants milk in the mornings. In this way he's not starving before dinner time but still has space in his stomach for more food when dinner is made. With my time buffer there's space for his eating if he chooses that one particular morning.
Sometimes he doesn't and is happy playing by himself and I get to do some work around the house.

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