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A strong willed child is a child who challenges the rules where a defiant child seems to have difficulty with any authority over them. We do not want to squash their strong mind, we want to direct it and have them learn what they need to conform to live in this world of rules and boundaries; otherwise they will certainly struggle through their life. The way to manage these children peacefully is to explain clearly your expectations and the consequences.
Discuss the consequence with them so they understand and depending on the age of the child, have an agreed consequence so they feel they have some say. Modelling appropriate behaviours is one of the best ways a child learns to develop different behaviours and responses. These children respond well to being kept busy in both body and mind.  Asking for their help with general duties such as unpacking or packing the dishwasher, setting the table or folding clothes aids this.
Strong willed or defiant children often love an argument as it gives them the power they seek. While we are often proactive in letting the child know what we do not want them to do it is more important we demonstrate and explain how we do want them to behave. Do not to argue with them, clearly and slowly tell them what it is you require of them and offer them choices.
Discuss and agreed the consequence with the child, particularly with the defiant and strong willed child. If the child makes a poor choice then it is imperative you follow through with the consequence you advised would occur.  If you do not follow through the child will never believe you and will gain more power to defy you. This works very well when out in public or when shopping with our defiant or strong willed child. This gives them the feeling that they have control of their life and they understand the consequence of their choice. By giving your child a choice, it can assist them to feel they have in fact made the decision. Choices are a great way to guide the child towards the choices you want them to make while allowing the child to believe it is their choice. Children that have strong wills can develop into very strong personalities, we need these types of people in our society, and they often become our leaders. Choices confidence consequences defiance defiant give notice Karen Phillip lack adult logic leadership praise strong willed the kids or you? I also have the same perspective as Karen Phillip, to which I have formed the belief through personal experience that children whom behave poorly should be provided with choices, so that they feel their opinion is valued and they have had an input in matters which affect them. So pleased you like Karen’s suggestions, love to hear how they work for you, Fiona Thiompson and Vicki! Please be aware that the information is made available for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I'm Judith-Rose Max, the founder of Happy Parenting and a mother of three fantastic girls.Despite having a natural instinct for parenting, there were times when I struggled and there were those distressing times when I felt myself turning into the parent I’d vowed never to be! That said, strong-willed kids can be a handful -- high energy, challenging, persistent.  How do we protect those fabulous qualities and encourage their cooperation? Just choose four audios or ebooks (you can mix and match.) Buy the three with the highest price tag.
Identify with real-life parent testimonials and discover strategies for managing specific behavior problems.
I am the first admit that my 5 year old child is a strong willed little girl.From early on in her toddler years we noticed she would have temper tantrums over simple things if there weren’t just so. However with all that being said, we still need her to follow our rules and maintain self-control in our home and when we’re out and about.We’ve come up with 8 simple things that are working to give her the environment she needs to make her feel that she has a choice and does have power in her daily life.
Ask yourself…What are some ways to help your child feel like they are “in control” and have “a voice” even though you as the parent are in control of the environment and rules? First of all keep your cool when you sense that Strong Willed Child expressing those needs and wants in an uncontrolled way. Whenever we observe an undesired behavior arising we try to resolve it by encouraging her to come up with a Behavior Management Chart . We’ve found that she functions much better when things were told in advance and structured for her. We’ve learned to ask ourselves 3 questions when we find our child choosing a strong willed behavior. Our viewers and bloggers submit stories about great parenting they’ve observed in a family member, friend, neighbor or even a stranger.

Here are a few books about raising a Strong Willed Child that you may find helpful to read as you learn what works for your child. We started it at when Kindergarten started at age 5, althought we probably could have started it sooner in Preschool since that was when I noticed some frustations with getting dressed with the things I was picking out. Thanks for sharing, the more tools parents can have in their pockets the better it is for everyone.
Debi we had trouble with my daughter with the gym daycare and we started to talk about it more and more when we weren't there and how much fun it is to be able to go to your own school, we called it that even though it was just a sitter.
A strong willed child can be enticed or persuaded to follow the set rules and at times, these children may require a gentle push. While they may object loudly at first to your direction or request, they can quickly learn the consequence of their behaviour. Children, especially strong willed and defiant ones can react badly if they believe their consequence is unjust, unfair or they did not know the consequence was going to be given. When you are at the park, you can advise, ‘three more slides and it will be time to leave’ or ‘this will need to be the last story before we turn out the light to go to sleep’.
If we advise them they may achieve what they want if they behave or stay close to you while shopping or for whatever reason you tell them, the child usually confirms. We just need to guide and direct them when are young and certainly set some firm boundaries for them otherwise their life can be very conflictual. I searched for the right resources and while I found some, it was hard to access everything I wanted and needed in one place. Upon purchase, you will receive an immediate email with the product name highlighted as a link. And now I get to model that behavior instead of letting my frustration get the better of me. Parenting helps you create a more peaceful home - and happy, responsible, considerate kids! They have helped thousands of parents achieve discipline using positive reinforcement, without yelling or harming the child’s self-esteem. Most power struggles begin from a child feeling that they are not in control which is something they seek very early on as a form of independence.
Here are some answers I’ve come up over the years with my own three children and hundreds of children in my classrooms. When children sense you’re being affected by their behavior they will continue because that means it’s working and they just might get their way, whether it’s good or bad behavior, if it’s working they’ll keep doing it.You can also vocalize what you see their body language doing so that they become conscious of it too. If you want them to pick up the toys and they are refusing, give them a choice that still ends in the result you want.
When she knows the weekly schedule and the daily schedule she’s easily able to predict what’s going to happen next. As we see it coming we try to find a task, job or interest that will take her to a different thought process.
As you know most 4 & 5 year old girls would wear a dress every single day if they could, plus we had to deal with uniforms this year too. If you’re interested in sharing your own Parenting with Purpose Story, just email us anytime!
Its also a good reminder for myself that each child is different and I cant parent all my girls the same! I love how you kept control over the problem areas by helping her feel more control over them.
I know many of these tips have worked with my kids and I'm going to try the new ones I learned! I'd love to hear if you have some more suggestions to add to the list of what works well with your kids too?
A defiant child however will react against a direction if they do not wish to do something and do not always care about the consequence.
Children usually only continue to place effort into something if they obtain something out of it. By advising the child in advance, they are prepared and have time to process this end or change to the activity. I suggest parents provide the treat approximately every three times so that the child never really knows when they may receive it.
Tell them how disappointing their choice may be, as they may now not get to watch their favourite show, but that it is Ok.

Judith-Rose Max and Happy Parenting are exempt of any and all responsibility associated with misuse or your own interpretation. I decided to go to the experts in their field and I now work in conjunction with the experts to deliver practical parenting tips and traps. As long as parents resist the impulse to "break their will," strong-willed kids often become leaders. You might say “You can pick up the dolls or the princess stuff first?” or “It’s time to clean up. However in order to successfully experience each day with your child, sometimes you have to focus on a specific area and reach that goal before you can address other goals.
Kim shares ways to make learning fun and parenting an adventure by sharing developmentally appropriate activities.
It has taken me a while to catch on, but I use some of the same strategies that you have listed and WOW! My second born is definitely a strong-willed child and I can already see how these will work for her.
They see things as black or white and react badly if they feel you are trying to control them or make them do something they do not wish to do.
If we separate and ignore them when they behave badly, they do not get the result they are after.
If they are young, then get down and offer to assist them so you can get the job done together, maybe use it as a competition to see who can pick up the most blocks fastest. Happy Parenting empowers mums and dads with easily accessible solutions to everyday parenting challenges. You can pick up the red ones or the yellow ones” Either choice makes them have to clean up but you are giving her a choice which feels like power.Be clear about your expectations and rules by talking about them when your child is listening and communicating calmly with you.
Both these type of children want to learn things for themselves rather than accepting what others tell them, so they test the limits. If this is consistently undertaken and the child does not like the continued consequence, they often change their actions – as long as they know how to act differently or better. If we say No to the child, this often just escalates their behaviour and this is precisely what we all want to avoid. Implementing the behaviour management strategy takes time and patience and if you persist, and work together following through with your devised strategies, then eventually your child will conform with hard work, persistence and consistency, of the support you provide for your child. You acknowledge and agree that the above warnings and disclaimers shall apply to all content and that you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. We’ve created it together and she feels that she’s had a voice, a part of the control that she’s seeking. Many times the whole situation could have been avoided if we made sure these simple needs were met.
They need to feel in charge of themselves, and will sometimes put their desire to be right above everything else. All it takes is a week or two with the chart and we’ve seen a big improvement with that specific behavior issue.
Think of those outbursts at the park, on vacation or at Disney and you just can’t understand why and then you realize they are off their schedules, haven’t had a nap and did not eat all their breakfast.
These children have a lot of energy, can be challenging and are often determined Where does the child learn these behaviours?
It’s worked for staying in her bed at night, combing her hair, watching TV, cleaning up toys, eating her food, controlling temper tantrums.
Then on those mornings where she is having a strong willed moment and doesn’t want to wear something we simply remind her that she choose that day what to wear and needs to stick with her plan. I am really going to need it now that her school closed and we are going to public school and so no more uniforms. If the child’s home is conflictual, they see this life as completely normal and learn to react to their wants and requirements by being argumentative, disruptive and aggressive. This is why part of me is not a big fan of summer vacation bc their structure of school comes to a stop. Now I have to build a structure during the summer which is hard bc we are always doing something different each day.

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