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Let’s be honest: Parenting isn’t for the weak – especially when you’re raising a strong-willed child. It’s not fun when a pint-sized little one defiantly refuses to obey or when a 14-year-old talks back.
Neither Jean nor I are “right.” God created us differently, and those differences are reflected in our parenting styles – and yield different results with our sons. The challenge all parents have to face is this: how can we sidestep the divisions our personality characteristics might bring into a marriage as we raise our kids?
Today we start a two-part broadcast, “Parenting the Strong-Willed Child as a Team,” that addresses some of the issues I’ve brought up.
This two-part broadcast will help answer these questions, as well as provide parents with many practical takeaways. Jim Daly is a husband, father and President of Focus on the Family and host of its National Radio Hall of Fame broadcast. Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to listen to Meaghan Wall, Special Needs Pastoral Leader at Stonebriar Community Church, share from her heart the challenges she has faced raising two strong-willed boys, while recognizing those tendencies in her own personality.
If you are raising a strong-willed child and looking for hope and help, we encourage you to read “The New Strong-Willed Child” by Dr.
As Ministry Coordinator for the Family and Children’s Ministry at Stonebriar Community Church, Christine Clark has a passion for supporting parents and helping them gain confidence and tools to be spiritual leaders in their homes.
The Happy Face Token System helps children integrate values that will be displayed as adults. Cammo Ammo is Code for Happy Face Tokens!They provide the leverage needed to get the plan moving. Begin your journey with this national speaker’s Parenting Seminar  included on the FREE Survival Kit CD. The book comes bundled with the E-BOOK .PDF as well as PRINT-READY charts AND FREE HELP ON FACEBOOK. Scouting: The first crucial truth you discuss in the book is that strong-willed children don’t have trouble with authority, only with how authority is communicated.
Scouting: Do strong-willed children want to control the situation or control their parents? Scouting: Your third crucial truth is that the quality of the relationship determines how effective your parenting is. Scouting: Your book is about parenting strong-willed children, but wouldn’t most of the techniques work with more compliant kids as well?
Scouting: What message would you give to Scout leaders who work with other people’s strong-willed children?
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I eyeball the ingredients in my Sunday morning pancakes and I’m more permissive with the boys. As parents, we often joke about our strong-willed kids, but the fact remains that no matter how challenging a child can be to raise, it’s an honor that God entrusts to us. What leadership or potential is hidden away behind the stubbornness our son or daughter is demonstrating? I hope you’ll tune in via your local radio station, online or via our free, downloadable mobile phone app.
I am thankful that she and my dad were able to push through all the hard parts with love and affection. His blog, Daly Focus, is full of timely commentary and wisdom designed to help you navigate and understand today’s culture.
As adults, we learn to yield our will to our spouse, our boss, and most importantly to Christ. James Dobson found that there are nearly three times as many strong-willed children as compliant children. You could tell Eva was off to banner day, her hair all over the place—obviously the mark of bedhead without a comb—and she wore a red tank top, a purple tutu with orange shorts underneath, and yellow rain boots. Meaghan shared a story about taking her boys to Six Flags, and how she made certain to have a support system in place that allowed her to leave if one of the boys has a meltdown.
As your strong-willed child tests boundaries, he or she will take advantage if one parent is a softy.
For example, 1 Timothy 3:4-5 states that a father must have proper authority in his own household, and be able to control and command the respect of his children.
James Dobson, which has tips and advice for raising children from birth through teen years. She is blessed to be the mom of a middle school son and married to her college sweetheart for more than 20 years.
Mike refused to pick up his toys one day, and Tobias threatened to give them all to other kids. If you listen to me, and I feel like you understand what I’m saying and you’re taking me seriously, then I’m probably going to cooperate with you. We’re going to be a lot more cooperative with you and a lot more ready to do the right thing when we know you believe in us and we know you value us. There’s nothing wrong with saying to your teenage strong-willed child, “I need a do-over; I need a mulligan. You’ve provided a way for me to back down gracefully instead of pointing your bony finger at me and giving me no choice. My compliant child responds well to all these things, but if I don’t use those things, I can still get by sometimes.
It’s interesting to look back over the years and see how he’s impacted Jean and me in different ways.

She’s also very consistent – if she’s baking cookies, for example, she’ll measure out those ingredients with the precision of a scientist.
Every child – even the one who can get in trouble when we turn our back for five minutes – is precious and full of potential. But how do we take children—with the force of a super hero—and shape them, mold them, and turn their heart to God without breaking their spirit?
As Eva escalated into full meltdown, I marveled at my girlfriend’s composure and determination to push through. We also encourage you to develop a support system of family and friends who can step into the gap and back you up when the day is long. She is also an avid sports fan who loves all things football, especially in the fall in Texas. This audio CD is an entertaining and informative talk on understanding and managing even the most petulant of today’s teenagers. In fact, she learned so much that she wrote a book, You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded), published by Waterbrook Press in 2012.
You want your child to have a pretty good dose of strong will: not easily discouraged, not easily daunted, and not conquered by defeat.
You don’t want to give your kids that kind of control over you by giving in to the anger and the screaming. The more you can help influence the direction we take, the more you can really affect the whole world. Birth order has nothing to do with it; temperaments of children tend to reflect that of their parents, so if you have a strong will, it is likely at least one of your children will follow suit.
Scouting talked with Tobias—who was a strong-willed child herself—about parenting strong-willed children and how these strategies apply to Scouts.
Just ask, “What do you think it’s going to take to motivate you to do this?” You’re not being a weak parent by saying, “Here’s the point.
My dad was a strong authority with me, but we had a very healthy relationship that I wanted to keep. These are the peer pressure years, the years during which the child begins to declare his or her independence and move toward emancipation. It’s a little challenging sometimes in its raw and early form to get it channeled and guided in the right direction.
I was willing to work with him and he was willing to back off a little, and we worked it out. The problems that develop in the parent-teen relationship, says John, are usually due to parents who don’t want to give the teen enough freedom and a teen who wants more freedom than he or she can handle.

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