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December 9, 2014 by The Jenny Evolution 8 Comments When you look into a bowl of alphabet soup, all you see is a jumble of letters.
In the special needs community, alphabet soup means your child has more than one diagnosis. After getting evaluated by a neuropsychologist, we were finally able to put a label onto what Vman has been managing. In the end, I better understand that while my kiddo is smart, he has some obstacles in his way that I need to help him overcome to succeed.
For Vman, the ADD part of ADHD is affecting his brain’s ability to lock onto letters and words to translate them into a reading language, among other things. Getting an alphabet soup diagnosis is overwhelming, disheartening and filled with sadness for many parents. Every night we would sit down to read one of the early reading books, and it would turn into a catastrophe. He has ADHD and a reading learning disorder (which encompasses dyslexia but that term is not recognized in the medical community).
And while this combination of alphabet soup doesn’t help him in school, many successful people used the traits that come with a diagnosis such as ADHD to their advantage as adults.
To learn more about sensory challenges or to join our inclusive community, visit The Sensory Spectrum.
My Little Man also wears labels of SPD, ADHD, LD (for both reading and math), and also anxiety.

While my SPD kiddo is only 6, both myself and his teachers have noticed his difficulty with math.
And you might be able to collect enough letters to make a word but not a statement or anything worthwhile reading. The kid, who is as smart as a whip (and that’s not just the mom in me talking) can learn something if he hears it. I asked my pediatrician what to do and he told me to go get him evaluated by a pediatric neuropsychologist. I’m not the biggest fan of labels, but it helps us all understand what our child is facing and to search out resources that can better help us figure out what our child needs. It’s an opportunity to help him conquer whatever barriers may appear and create a game plan. But kids who fit into the category of special needs alphabet soup are worth figuring out and fighting for. He came into this world screaming and it never let up until after years of pediatric occupational therapy. He strongly suggested I do not rely on the school, as many schools are not properly set up to really figure out what’s going on with a child. I’m much better knowing how to attack a problem than to wonder what, if anything, is going on. Like you said, I’m not sure if this is an issue with his SPD or if he has a math learning difference.

Despite being so ingrained into the Sensory Processing Disorder community through my other blog The Sensory Spectrum, I never was sure if Vman’s over-the-top energy was a product of his SPD or something more.
The school kept telling us we just had to work more at home — some kids take longer than others to pick up on reading. They do not necessarily have the training or tools to delve down into the core root of what’s happening and why. And while it would have been nice to know when he was younger, at that age it also would have been tough to tease apart which part was his sensory challenges, which part is just being a toddler and which part (if any) is connected to hyperactivity.
Now that we know, we have begun the process of tackling the next set of challenges and setting up Vman for whatever successes he chooses to pursue when he gets older. It’s also not in their best interest to add in more kids they need to spend resources on. This is why many professionals don’t diagnosis kids until they are at least eight years old. We are due for an IEP in March and I have decided to wait until then and see how much he has improved before taking any next steps. But while I want to do whatever is necessary to help my son, I also feel for him because yet it is another struggle.

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