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Short sentences are easier to understand and allow your child to pick up the important pieces of the message.
In the early years, repeating your child’s babbling and early words helps teach language turn taking. Structure play activities that require your child to ask for help in order to continue his game. To better understand if your child is meeting his speech and language milestones, click here to download our Speech and Language Milestone Infographic. During this period, your baby goes from having a couple of babble-words to a speaking vocabulary of about 20 words. There are more number of people who want to spend their much time with their children so the baby communicating language for the babies and will continue to help help up to a great extent. Some babies and toddlers initiate talking earlier than others.  If you are looking to encourage speech and language in your little one, read on for easy guidelines to help promote speech and language for young children. It is easier for a child to pick up new language if he can see or hear the object or action as he is exposed to the vocabulary.

Your child will start to understand that speaking to you will gain your attention and will help attain desired objects or actions. You may have Supermom sensors for when your child is about to get thirsty, however, allowing your child to realize his need and act on it is highly motivating for promoting speech and language development. She won’t necessarily pronounce those words correctly because the small muscles that support her mouth and lips are still developing. Babies love to connect with parents through games, and parents can teach babies new words though games.
Her personal area of interest is the craniofacial anomalies population and early pediatric feeding. When you make a connection between your baby’s babbling and objects or people of interest to him, he may learn a babble-word or two.
If you use correct grammar and speech in responding to your baby, you are doing the very thing children need to develop language.
The more exposure to the word, the more likely it will stick.  For example, say, “He is walking.

Over her time at Rush University Medical center, she completed internships with Rush University Medical Center Craniofacial Center, University of Illinois at Chicago Child and Family Development Center, Rush University Medical Center Speech and Hearing Clinic, Black Bear Therapeutic Preschool and several others.
Responding to your baby’s cries is important because it helps her trust that you will meet her needs, and this is the beginning of a back-and-forth communication between you and your baby. Rhyming songs help your baby hear small differences in sounds, a skill he will need when he learns to read. You will be singing solo for awhile, but your baby will begin to chime in with words or hand actions when he is ready. She will show her delight by cooing, and she will be more likely to coo back when you respond to her.

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