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Children between the ages of 6 and 11 years old are going through a lot of changes emotionally, socially, and physically. Like with all stages it is important to show love and affection to your child, this stage is no different. Set rules, make sure they understand the rules and the consequences for breaking the rules.
Teach them patience by letting others go first or by finishing a task before going out to play. Use discipline to guide and protect your child, rather than punishment to make her feel badly about themselves. Support your child to take on new challenges, encourage them to solve problems on their own, such as a disagreement with a sibling or another child. As they get older you will need to talk about puberty with them and what to expect and that it is normal to go through the changes.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of death or injury for kids in this age range so protect your child properly in the car.
Teach them to watch traffic and how to be safe when riding a bike, walking to school, and playing outside.
New York Daily News Unconventional Parenting Tips From Lois of 'Malcolm in the Middle' Unconventional Parenting Tips from Lois of 'Malcolm in the Middle' 'Malcolm in the Middle' may be off the air, but Lois (played by the amazing Jane Kaczmarek) always has relevant mom advice. Studies show that all children go through predictable stages in the same order, though not at the same time. Meet the teachers and staff to understand the learning goals and how you and the school can work together to help your child do well. The descriptions below offer help for parents as they watch their child go through the ages and stages of development.
Large muscles are developing quickly and the ten-year-old needs outdoor time and physical challenge.

Physical release is crucial – even a twenty minute recess during the middle of the school day helps. Cognitive development is increasing – she can manage more than one concept at a time, though abstraction is still difficult. Cognitively, the ten-year-old is able to memorize facts, think abstractly, and concentrate for long periods of time.

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