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Young adults often find it hard to stay focused in managing their own finances, but it is something that they have to go through and get used to because in the longer run, the benefits are all theirs. This is probably the first thing you should do to know if your child is experiencing financial burdens or not. If you have agreed to co-sign your kids to a car loan or to a credit account, make sure you understand the risks involved as anything they do will affect your credit, negatively or positively. June 16, 2014 by Amanda 12 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ PinterestOne of the more difficult times of the day for young children (and their parents) are transition times.  You know the times.
If he’s having a really hard time transitioning, I’ll give a choice.  “Ok, J do you want to run home from the park, or hold my hand”.
Here’s another great post by Toddler Approved with some other great ideas on toddler transitions.
Join the thousands of others who subscribe to our weekly newsletter, so you can stay up to date with everything happening on Dirt and Boogers. I was a Mental Health Counselor who worked with children and mothers in both individual and group counseling environments before I became a Stay at Home Mom to two boys. Something that has usually worked with our son since he was quite small is to have him say goodbye or goodnight to whatever it is he’s having a hard time leaving.
As for rushing in the morning…that is a tough one when you have POKEY kids who LOVES to dawdle when they have to be out the door for school. The timer definitely helps … I use the phone alarm and it is for some reason treated with much more respect than me!
We did go through a phase though at about two when major transitions from one place to another were really distressing. My 22 months young lady has a schedule since she was around 6 (when she started to eat solids). Teaching the child to be a social person is very important and by doing this the parents are making the child to be a more confident person and also helping in their personality development.
A child learns a lot from their parent’s behavior and they imitate their parents to a great extent.

Whenever your child behaves very well in a social gathering and does the right things, praise your children for that.
Whenever you find you child’s behavior inappropriate, point it out and talk to them about it. There is no denying the fact that most parents see no harm in providing their adult children with financial support every now and then. This should give you an idea on where to start and on what areas you can help your child with.
To teach them a thing or two about budgeting for household expenses, talk them into contributing for the rent, grocery bills or for the utility bills. But before you do so, explain to them its importance, the benefits, and the possible consequences if they do not take care of it. Again, explain to them that they should take care of their credit even though you co-signed them. Like when you tell them that it’s time to leave the park or stop playing to move onto another activity, like dinner or diaper changes.  Often these times can lead to big temper tantrums and complete break downs for little ones.
These tips have worked for me for years with many different aged children.  They aren’t full proof and there will still be times a child has difficulty transitioning, but they sure do make things easier most of the time. Pay attention to their basic needs.  A hungry and tired child will not transition as well as a rested, fed child.
I have always given my daughter a choice from what she wants to eat to what she wants to wear. If you show temper, then they will also do the same in a public gathering because they think that it is the right thing to do. However, it is also important that our children understand that they have to financially responsible and that they should be able to sustain themselves. Some children are reluctant to the support or help that their parents are offering, but they usually don’t understand that they are in dire need of it.  Explain to them that you understand their situation and that you are willing to help them out this once. You can even write up an agreement to make it more formal and for them to understand how the documentation process is done.

Tell them that they should get a copy of credit report and credit score regularly to keep track of their finances. A lot of young adults use their credit card as if it is limitless so make sure you check up on that as well. When I find myself freaking out because I’m in a hurry and no one is cooperating, I force myself to remember a bad morning in which I rushed the boys so much that I made Bug cry because he was so scared of my yelling.
If she is playing at evening I tell her it’s time to bubble bath and she immediately go inside. Monitor the payments regularly and make sure that your child commits to his or her financial commitments fully.
Letting them experience their own freedom when it comes to handling their  money will help them understand things better. Tell them to stay below their credit limit at least 30% to give their credit score a boost and to make it easier for them to maintain and pay for their bills. That way she feels in control, yet she is still making a choice of what is appropriate for the situation.
Also, the best way to teach them also by doing it yourself and make sure they see you doing it.
I have yet to have a fight over getting dressed, getting in the car or what she wants to eat.
Although some times I feel nothing is working, I have to solve the situation before she starts craying or yelling.
And now that she is 4 she is making her own choices without me prompting with the appropriate items all on her own.

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