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Taking a parenting class may seem like an odd approach to co-parenting, but it is actually helpful to many families. Children are adjusting to the new parenting situation and need to express their feelings openly. By Natasha Leave a Comment Filed Under: Ask Epic Mommy: Advice for Single Parents About NatashaHi, I'm Natasha!
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A Little CrunchyA Crunchy Parenting Blog for all those little crunchy topics like homebirths, breastfeeding, living green, safe toys, homeschooling and more. The majority of times, we simply jump into our cars and don’t think much about how our driving affects the environment. The size of your car does directly affect how likely you are to experience theft of a vehicle.
Much like our bodies, you car will go through an awful lot in its lifetime and because of this it needs to have regular maintenance checks. We all carry our lives around in our cars at some point, from children’s toys, bikes, coats, bags, sometimes it feels like our cars are an extension of our home. Right now we want to write a few original guest articles and are looking for a great place to publish.
If both parents remain committed to keeping their children’s needs first, a peaceful co-parenting solution can be achieved.
While many courts require that couples complete these courses, parents can still benefit from getting the necessary counseling needed to raise children in healthy environment. While a late child support payment or a missed, scheduled appointment may be a point of contention for parents, parents should avoid letting their children serve as liaisons. Conflicting schedules, working requirements, and different family dynamics can make it harder for parents to coordinate their schedules for visitations.

This creates a healthy environment for children to thrive and strengthens the relationship with both parents. Smaller cars are less prone to being vandalised or broken into, mainly because they are in general cheaper than their larger counterparts. On average, your vehicle needs a maintenance check once a year to make sure that, not only that the car is road worthy, but that it is not costing your wallet or the environment more than it should be.
The issue is, that by carrying extra weight in our vehicles we are not only slowing our vehicles down, but it is having to work harder to perform to the right capacity!
We offer refurbished, remanufactured and remanufactured vehicle engines, transmission and transfer cases. When parents keep the needs of their children first, improving the co-parenting relationship. Most importantly, I'm a single mom to my adorable son, who drives me nuts in one moment and melts my heart in the next. What many people don’t know, is that if we make small changes to our cars and how we drive them, we can save the planet from further damage and even save ourselves some precious money.
It is this fact that makes smaller cars less costly to insure.  Luxury cars are often more expensive to fix and obtain parts for, so insurance companies tend to charge a premium rate for these.
Many of us simply don’t consider switching off the engine when we are only waiting a matter of minutes, but by leaving the car running, we are wasting money and not helping the environment. Fuel consumption is a great example of this; if you car is not working at 100% then it will need more fuel intake to keep it going. Much like the maintenance checks, by simply emptying our vehicles, we can save money and fuel, thus creating a happier world and bank balance.
I learned that i need to start thinking about how much we damage the environment with our cars. If your co-parenting situation is the result of a divorce or separation, your child may have even stronger emotions they need to express. Eliminating as many conflicts as possible through compromise is always in the best interest of the children.

If both parents remain committed, children will quickly become acclimated to the new living situation. I enjoy sharing our epic stories, giving advice to other single moms, and sharing my co-parenting woes.
There are many ways in which greener driving and our finances go hand in hand, everything from fuel costs to our car insurance can go down.
So, it is great news for us small car drivers, that eco-friendly cars, such as electric cars are also small in stature.
This in turn will cost you extra cash each month and mean that your vehicle is giving off extra carbon monoxide fumes. The children can eventually become resentful toward both parents if used as the messenger between parents.
If this is the case, you may want to consider contacting a counselor to help your child cope. Simply by switching your next car, to an eco-friendly version, you will save yourself money on your car insurance each month. To save yourself some money and worry, make sure you keep all your maintenance appointments and get anything fixed when it needs to be.
This, according to lawyer Jill Coil, can provide the child with a safe space where they can communicate their feelings and process the divorce with a specialist. Do some research into how insurance providers, such as Swiftcover calculate how much it will cost you to switch insurers.
Along with this, the gas emissions can be greater for idling then when the vehicle is in motion, contributing to the global carbon footprint.

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