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Becky P: I don’t over-schedule so we can keep our evenings and weekends focused on family time.
Michelle: Besides x’s and o’s, I spend time discussing, thinking, and praying about each of my kids’ unique personalities and needs. Lynn: I refuse to be shocked by anything my kids (twenty-two, twenty-one, and eighteen) are willing to talk to me about.
Melanie: I tell my kids every day how much I love them and kiss them good night before bedtime! Shari: I hold the gospel out to my children on a daily basis and let them see what Christ has done for me and is doing in me. Deborah: I stay in daily contact with my children who are twenty-four and twenty-one years old. I am trying my best to restrict my temper to parent my children by listening to what they express. Sign up for Tricia’s Inspired Living newsletter by entering your e-mail address below! This (we)blog brings you information about (web)design, blogging tips, (programming) tutorials and much, much more.
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While there are many ways to be a good parent, it all starts with creating an atmosphere that feels right to you.

1) Focus on Your Role of the Moment – Parenting takes plenty of multitasking as it is, so it helps to just focus on one task at a time.
2) Create Memories Through Rituals – A tradition of eating dinner together at night, even if you don’t accomplish this goal every single night, can give you an opportunity to talk, create bonds, and cherish the time you spend together. 3) Laugh – Break into song or dance, tell jokes, make light of serious situations, and soon everyone feels a little bit better.
4) Give Your Kids a Little Space – You want to keep your kids close and safe, but there is something so refreshing about watching them spread their wings.
My children know they are loved, but it is when I parent them and guide them in the right direction that I feel like I am being a good parent. My parents never read to me, and I fall asleep if I tried to read anything bigger than a magazine.
They know they can tell me anything, and I will tell them my honest opinion or what I feel is in their best interest, and I will love them regardless of their choices. That means being quick to repent and trying to show them grace and compassion, not anger and criticism (which is not easy for me!).
They call and text me and they have busy lives, so sometimes it’s just a simple text message I send to encourage them and maintain a positive influence in their lives. Please give me strength as I continue to parent my kids, and help me to show them unconditional love and grace. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution to parenting, and there are many paths to feeling successful as moms and dads.

Parenting is personal, and a plan that works beautifully for your neighbor or colleague might leave you feeling sad, depressed or inadequate.
When you need to be focused on work, do so, but when you don’t need to check email or browse your phone, stop and focus on the kids. Case in point: When we moved to San Diego, I decided it was time to let my 10- and 8-year-old kids walk up to the bagel shop on their own. When they’re discussing what’s important to them and they feel supported, they’ll beam from feeling love and there’s no better feeling than that. Undivided attention, even in smaller quantities, feels so much better than giving them short shrift.
I was holding my breath the entire eight minutes they were gone, but loved seeing their sense of accomplishment when they returned. You could print the images and bundle them to a little book that you could hold in your pocket just to be sure.
I’ve learned over the years that while I always improve, I also need to celebrate what I do right.

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