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They will definitely do the thing if they decided to do regardless of your threatening them. For example, a kid locks himself in a room where he needs to take an injection from the doctor. If you, as a parent, change your thought and take it in a positive way, then you can see that stubbornness is the manner of demonstrating that your kid can think himself and can declare his thoughts and beliefs.
Nonetheless, the stubbornness will vary from unreasonable fears to resistance to alter or just a simple attack of revolution. The most important thing is to identify the problem and seek a solution by involving your kid.
If it is not an issue, then you can negotiate that with your kid and you both come to compromise. Discuss with your kid about the disrespectful behavior and the associated results with that behavior.

The best way of showing respect to your kid is being both kind and firm in your discipline [Discipline tips for your child].
Try to be firm when you ask your kid to do something, as you are not asking your kid any favor.
Do not interrupt your kid if he is doing something and you want him to do something.
Try to see the things through their eyes and try to solve the problem without hurting your kid. Tuned In Parents – Tips+ from parents tuned in to the daily dilemmas and delights of parenting! Tuned In Parents (TiP) is a parenting community built by parents around the world connecting and sharing knowledge. Instead explain them clearly and calmly that they are wrong from their point of view.

At the same time, show your kid the respectful behavior and gave them respect [Ideas to improve child behavior]. Most of the parents get too busy that they will not have time to spend time with their children.
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