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There are many things we have yet to conquer when it comes to teaching our children, keeping our cool, calming and preventing tantrums, etc., but we wanted to share our parenting tactics for toddlers that we have implemented in our home.
We would love to hear what has worked with you and your children when it comes to parenting tactics for your toddlers, because we still have a long road of toddlerhood ahead of us! Because laundry is loads of fun, I'm giving away 3 FREE Laundry Room Printables when you subscribe to my mailing list. Don’t take off your diaper (we put duct tape over the adhesive parts of their diapers daily, but still get nakey babies sometimes).

No hitting, yelling, screaming, food throwing, hair pulling, or any other annoying, messy, or hurtful act. It’s hard to give both of my girls all the attention they both crave from me, especially at the exact same time, but I know when I do take the time to really play and interact with them and teach them it is so rewarding.
I hope you found posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, home, health, children, and spouse. I have twin boys that are turning 3 in 10 days and I am so glad to know I am not the only one with such problems.

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