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Try to be mindful when co-parenting, and remember that even  in the best of relationships, sharing the parenting responsibilities is  highly challenging. The last class of 2015 has 12 students, six of which are new franchise owners and six who will work in corporate operations.
At the end of the course, students will take written and hands-on final exams, then will have a graduation ceremony in which the entire home office applauds and celebrates their hard work before sending them out fully equipped to take on their new role.
For most of us, the answer is “no.” Co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns that parents have when they come to see me in my practice. Before you discuss something important, recognize that not everyone will have your perspective.
If you are not having sex enough or not spending enough time together, don’t allow those “couples issues” to play out in parenting decisions.
Don’t badmouth your partner in front of the children, no matter how much you’re tempted to or how angry you are at some decision you don’t agree with. Give your children the gift of watching you compromise and communicate effectively even when you have different perspectives. The course is a concentrated four-week program that includes in-store and classroom learning.

Bob Martin, the new Franchise Director overseeing stores in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, has nine years of franchise experience with buffet-style and full service restaurants.
So often they come for help regarding their children, but then much of the time is spent discussing how they parent differently than their husband or wife – and what their disagreements are! The more you are really able to listen and understand the other parent’s position, the easier it will be to be heard yourself. There is no instruction manual for it or place that people can study to become “experts” in parenting. That’s your business, not your kids’, and they don’t deserve to have it interfere with your effectiveness. Comments like, “I thought your father overreacted to you coming in late” only promote what is called “splitting,” and unless you want to raise children with personality challenges, steer clear of putting each other down. Just like you don’t want to talk about your kids’ problems when you see your friends, you don’t want to monopolize romance time with kids’ issues. Each parent should seriously consider their own role and try to see the other parent’s perspective.
This week, Dickey’s celebrates its last class of 2015 as they begin their journey through Barbecue University.

At the start of the program, each student is given a rubric of the entire course, an operations standard manual and an activity packet to boost engagement throughout their training. It’s a learned practice and requires love, dedication, patience, consistency, commitment, and an endless list of other attributes. The rubric is broken up into weekly activities and modules, which a full time training staff of five facilitates.
A firm handshake and an optimistic leadership style helped Martin progress through the ranks of other foodservice franchises, when he was recruited to work at Dickey’s. Be willing to get ongoing outside consultation either on the web, via reading books, magazines and websites like this one, or by talking with an expert.

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