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Although temper tantrums are distressing to both adults and children, they’re a normal part of early child development. This column is Part 2 of my response to the question, ‘Is there a graceful way to handle temper tantrums?
Kids vary a whole lot in how often they have tantrums, how bad the tantrums are, and how long they last. Some of that has to do with how good adults are at handling temper tantrums, but a lot has to do with the child’s temperament. Toddlers who are intense, sensitive, and strong-willed are more prone to tantrums than others. And those who have a hard time with change or show other signs of hyperactivity tend to have more tantrums than others. Tantrum behaviours include whining, crying, screaming, kicking, biting, lying on the floor pounding with fists and feet, and breath-holding. If you’re still handling temper tantrums at age 4, it’s probably time to consult an expert.

Toddlers hitting, crying, not eating and refusing to go to sleep can be some of the most common problems when raising a child in the 2-year old age range. Talking to Toddlers is a fantastic audio program that teaches you how to control your child without them even knowing it. Once your child begins understanding what rewards good behavior bring them, you will both greatly enjoy your time together. The above concepts are only some of the methodology you'll be taught within these great audio CD's. It may be tempting to start screaming back at Leah, but it will probably make things worse, and it certainly won’t provide a good model for teaching Leah how to deal with her frustration. Tell her gently that you love her, but that you’re not going to give her what she wants right now.
Toddlerhood brings a lot of stresses, worries, and frustrations, but as Leah becomes more competent and autonomous, she’ll have better coping mechanisms, as well as fewer frustrations. Take a deep breath, do your best to regain your equilibrium (understanding that this is a stressful moment for you as well as your child), and calmly inform her that yelling (or whatever it is she is doing) is not the best way to get what she wants.

If she sees you worrying about a possible tantrum—being extra-nice to her in public, for example—you’ll be training her to use tantrums to control you. With your attention, modelling, and help, she’ll get better at regulating her emotional ups and downs.
If it’s a desire for something you’ve said no to (Sugar Crispies at the grocery store, for example, or more time at the park), you’re best to ignore it, and follow the other suggestions here for handling temper tantrums. She needs your love and comfort, your reassurance that she’s safe, and that you still love her.
Handling temper tantrums well means reassuring Leah that you will keep her safe even when she can’t do that for herself.

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