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It started with a whimper, quickly turning to a full-fledged scream that lasted the duration of the 20-minute car ride. But in wrestling with the daily parenting challenges and frustrations of raising a strong-willed child, I can’t help but gain a glimpse of my own strong will. With our daughter, we find ourselves consistently reminding her, when she argues about a directive, that we didn’t ask her about what she wanted to do. Every day, we are presented with opportunities to exemplify love for God and love for others. It’s easier to see myself as I observe how easy it is for my daughter to break our rules.
Raising Your Gifted Child 101: Parenting Your Strong Willed Child Basics by expert childcare giver Cathy Wilson provides introductory healthy and action oriented information on learning effective common sense strategies to help overcome the parenting challenges that arise with an exceptional or challenging child.
Biblical principles for Christian families and resources for new parents, and single parents. I felt the exuberance of meeting this baby girl, on top of the relief of the end of my wife’s pregnancy and the safe delivery, all combined with the weight of responsibility of finally being a parent.
Six months later she was still screaming, and we were hit with the reality that our sweet little baby girl was one of the dreaded strong-willed children we had read about. We often choose to allow her to wear what she wants, regardless of whether or not it matches.
But lately I’ve been really making a concerted effort to explain to my daughter the relationship between love, respect and obedience.
As I talk to my daughter about this, I can’t help but hear God talking to me about it.

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Strong willed children often display behavioral patterns and character traits that make them more: Temperamental Sensitive Persistent Challenging Determined Argumentative than what you might expect. If you believe in something with all your heart and soul, it will happen, good or bad.I grew up on a farm, and learned early on what hard work really is. Two days later, as we packed her up in her car seat for the first time to take her home, she began to cry.
And, as it turns out, there are things that the strong-willed child writing this article needs to learn as he tries to parent a strong-willed child.SEE ALSO: What is One Crucial Thing Your Marriage Needs to Lose? But other rules in our home are there for a reason, and often it’s to keep her safe and protect her.
But he also knows what’s best for us, and he set a framework of rules for how we can live life to the fullest. Key concepts discussed with practical solutions include: * Skipping past the negative * Understanding temperament * Focusing on the positive * Tips that improve communication * Recognizing how your child learns * Setting your child up or success * The science behind the behavior Raising Your Gifted Child helps alleviate frustrations that come hand in hand with inflexible and "differently" wired children. Persevering through many tough lessons, and establishing a sound, balanced, and solid platform from which to build.My name is Cathy Wilson, and I'm a happy mom and successful published writer. Helping you to gain perspective and insight on who your child is and how to adjust your parenting skills to better suit. We can make our own choices, and there are certain areas of our lives where God gives us freedom to express ourselves. To do that, that have to learn how God wants us to interact with him and with others around us.

With an open mind and willingness to learn for your strong willed child, you are choosing to set your child up for success and Wilson happily leads the way! Certainly enough to make your head spin!During my 20 plus years of writing experience, most was as a ghostwriter.
But there are other rules he puts in place, not to limit us, but to allow us to be our best. I love them too much to allow them free reign to do what they want, because we all know we tend to make the wrong choice when left to our own devices. The key is getting her to think in this way before she makes a bad choice, rather than understanding it afterwards. I've recently switched gears to eBooks and professional SEO,on track to build my online authority and Masterful Book Empire Mountain!Every single day for as long as I can remember, I have written.
Sharing this often overwhelming wealth of information with you, the reader, is my purpose.I'm a dreamer that looks for the good in everything, and runs from the negative.
When my magical fingers dance across the keys, my heart and soul pours out.I use my magnetic and knowledgeable personality, to capture the attention of the target audience. There's no fun in a "closed mind" now is there?I've written every day since I've been about 10, and only recently transformed it into my focus.

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