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Karnataka CET Kerala KEAM Law CET IPU CET TANCET EAMCET Maharashtra MAH CET NIMCET GCET DNB-CET CA-CPT GUJCET Punjab Univ. Examination time is mostly marked by stress, anxiety and apprehension for both the students as well as their parents. In recent times exam related depression, black outs, suicides have become much more common than they ever were.
Some amount of stress is essential for the optimum performance of your child and will also to much an extent work as a motivator. You might feel that with so much going on already, is it a good idea to instill healthy habits at this very moment. But think about it, don’t you think your child is coping up with enough already, do you really want to pass your stress onto them.
It has become important; more of a necessity to make sure those parents are in constant touch with their children and know what is going on in their lives.

Your child need to know that and you should try and boos this confidence whenever you get a chance to do so.
But the fact is that healthy eating habits and little bit of work out is not only good for your child but will also keep his mind racing for longer than usual.
However remember that this is not the only examination in your child’s and your life but only the starting of many more to come. Parents mostly feel more pressure and anxiety for their children, aptly so, but it is their duty to make sure that they along with not adding to their child’s tension make sure that it is under control. With so much at stake the parents have now a huge role to play in their child’s life and help them cope up whatever they need help with.
Children are bound to become irritable, depressed, lose appetite, have sleep disturbances, low concentration and other such symptoms incase of high stress. Fruits with antioxidants, yoga, walking and fresh air are some of the things that will give the required push to your child.

It is essential for you to give some liberty to your child and let them understand as what works best for them. Be firm in setting some boundaries, like recreational time during exams needs to be restrained but not restricted.
It is the need of the hour to keep yourself calm in order to be able to do the same for your child.

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