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Visit Petland Kennesaw and speak with a Pet Counselor about our training programs or complete the form below for more information. All Petland Puppies are provided with Puppy Basic Obedience Classes to ensure they become happy, healthy members of their new homes.
They are also provided with a Lifetime of Training Support and access to a Training Video Library.
Once you have purchased a crate you will want to give your puppy or dog time to investigate. People, especially pet lovers, like to think that their dog would love a companion, another furry being to romp and play around with throughout the day.

So how can you tell if your faithful “best friend” would like a companion before actually bringing one home? One night stand – First, you should have a suitable canine companion come to your home and stay the weekend. Week-long stay – Second, you should have a suitable canine companion come to your home and stay a week, possibly two. A weekend often is enough time to tell if your dog is truly unhappy with another dog in the household. Most dogs will go through all kinds of adjustments when you change their lives this way, and the worst usually happens during the first few days, according to canine behavior specialists.

If you do add a second dog to your family, Petland pet counselors advise making the introduction on neutral ground.
Those made of molded plastic are easy to clean, draft-free, and generally are more like dens as they have limited visibility. As the dog’s owner, you should be sure to make your judgement at the end of a visit and not at the beginning.

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