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Toddler NutritionThe right nutrition is very important to a toddlera€™s growth and development. Click on the image to get the full size, then print on sticker paper to make your own free potty training chart cars stickers!
Click on the image below to get full size, then print and you have a great free printable disney cars potty training chart! When potty training begins, you want to make sure that your child has everything he needs to get started. Many first time moms are hesitant to start potty training; they talk to their pediatrician, read books and ask the advice of friends. After thumbing through my share of potty training books, I found that worthwhile materials cover a lot of the same themes. With one unfortunate exception wea€™ll talk about at the end of this section, the iOS books I looked at for this review covered those bases.
Words on the Page: Tap an object when reading The New Potty, and its name appears on the screen while a narrator pronounces the word.
The New Potty offers Read to Me and Read It Myself options; an Auto Play feature runs through the story without any intervention from you, which may be a good choice for especially young kids. Oceanhouse is also responsible for Once Upon a Potty, which comes in separate gender-specific versions that run on both the iPhone and iPad.
Once Upon a Potty is probably a perfectly acceptable story for many users, but I found it to be a bit of a drag.
I Have to Go is another adaptation of a childrena€™s book for the iPad, this one by Sieneke de Rooij and Tineke Merirink. Navigation Frustrations: I Have to Go is a pleasant-enough story, but its controls are a little confusing. I Have to Goa€™s lone extra is a drawing feature, in which kids can color in one of three drawings using a palette of 12 colors.
I dona€™t know if Potty Time from 1598741 Alberta began its life as a physical book before arriving in the App Store.
Phone Home: One of the best features in Potty Training Time is a simulated phone call from Rachel Coleman that praises your child for using the potty. Youa€™ll get a more complete package with Potty Time with Elmo, an iPhone and iPad offering from Sesame Street featuring the ubiquitous red muppet. What you will get with the app is a rather pleasing story, in which Elmo shows kids how to go to the potty, from knowing when ita€™s time to go to washing your hands afterwards.
Musical Accompaniment: The songs included in Potty Time with Elmo are easy for kids to sing along witha€”this onea€™s set to the tune of Ia€™ve Been Working on the Railroad.
Extras include a four-piece puzzle game thata€™s just easy enough for toddlers to solve and bask in Elmoa€™s appreciative cheers.
TweetI fully understand how difficult potty training can be, I have been through it with 2 kids already and my third will start in a matter of weeks. I grew tired of hardly ever getting to put stickers on the potty training charts my girls would have… for that reason I created a potty training chart that my kids are sure to excel at.
The wonderful thing about this chart is that it is a potty training chart for boys and girls, it is printable, it provides a way to reward your children when they do well and it’s free! We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. Durable, flexible in that it's a self contained unit and you can remove the seat to put onto your own toilet later. Using an array of tools and resources will make all the difference in the potty training process.

You ask how to potty train, and what age to start potty training; this can be a little tricky as each child develops at his or her own rate, however a recent study concluded that the average age to start training is 27 months. He HAD to have his 6 friends everywhere he went (Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy)…to the store, bed, bath. Ia€™ve spent the past few weeks looking at two kinds of potty-training appsa€”books that help kids learn what ita€™s like to go diaper-free, and all-in-one apps that combine extras like progress charts and videos with stories about potty training.
A good potty-training book for your kid emphasizes that this is all part of becoming a big kid and that a rewarda€”wearing underwear!a€”awaits them at the end.
The story is about a little girl learning how to use the potty, and there are some great messages for kids and parents alikea€”ita€™s perfectly natural to be scared, accidents are going to happen along the way, and so forth.
In the story, Prudencea€”or Joshua, depending on which version youa€™ve downloadeda€”gets a new potty, discovers what ita€™s used for, and learns a lesson about the importance of patience and persistance. The pacing of the narration is slow and deliberate and may not appeal to younger kids; my daughter certainly had a hard time sitting through the story. Ita€™s a short, easy-to-sit-through tale of a little girl who needs to go to the bathroom and undertakes a house-wide search for her potty.
Drawing tools are limited to tapping the area you want colored in, and therea€™s no erase feature, so more creatively inclined kids may find this extra a little frustrating. That company is also responsible for the terrific a€?Signing Timea€? series, which teaches kids how to use American Sign Language and may be my daughtera€™s favorite thing ever. The app is a free download and ships with a peppy introductory video, a story, a potty-training-themed match game, and a chart for tracking potty training progress. The Books and Games sections have a€?More coming soona€¦a€? entries next to their single offerings, and the Community section of the app is little more than a link to the Potty Time Facebook page that takes you out of the app and into the Safari browser.
Take note, howevera€”while he may get top billing, Elmo only has a few lines of dialogue in the app.
A sticker reward chart lets parents track when their kids go to the potty, wipe, flush, and wash their hands. She tested all these apps with me, and Potty Time with Elmo is the only one she clamors for consistently. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
He loves the music when he goes to the toilet and it's a real incentive for him to actually stay seated long enough to go! It is worth the extra money to purchase this potty than have to buy a separate potty and kid's toilet seat later. Fortunately, my daughter has begun to show signs that the sun is about to set on the Pampers era. Good books also acknowledge that there are going to be accidents along the way and thata€™s all right.
Because the story is told from the perspective of an older brother, ita€™s also a great choice for families with more than one child, as it may inspire your other kids to help out with their potty-training sibling. Ita€™ll also say the names of any objects you tap, with the words floating across the screen.
As with The New Potty, Once Upon a Potty features narrator and read-it-myself modes as well as an auto-play feature. The app features an extra called The Potty Song, which you can sing along with, but the song has a not-very-kid-friendly slow jazz rhythma€”think a€?Girl from Ipanemaa€?a€”and not especially catchy lyrics. Some positive messages are emphasized along the waya€”chiefly, that going to the potty is what big kids doa€”and therea€™s a bit of interactivity thrown in as well. But ita€™s not immediately clear what these buttons do at first, so you might tap the play button thinking youa€™re going to go to the next page; you wona€™t.

Therea€™s an especially cool feature that simulates a phone call from Signing Time and Potty Time host Rachel Coleman in which she exalts in a successful trip to the potty or offers words of encouragement when therea€™s been an accident.
Apart from the one video that ships with the app and another that you unlock by using the progress chart, the seven other videos in Potty Training Time are only available via in-app purchase for $1 each. A narrator supplies the rest of the story and even the included songs are performed by a non-Elmo singer. The Play part of those options is especially noteworthy: Each scene features an interactive element that makes a noise and vibrates when tapped.
Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. Each page also features a grasshopper and a spider hidden among the illustrations; youa€™re supposed to tap them, and the app will tally up your score at the end. Touching objects or people on the screen will cause the app to announce them aloud and highlight the words if they appear in the text on the screen. Touch one of the drawings, and an objecta€”a cat, a dog, a stuffed animala€”will make a cute, little noise. The options for having the story read back to you are limited to tapping the words on the screen.
Thata€™s the sort of thing thata€™s really going to appeal to kids who adore the Signing Time series. The developer certainly has the right to explore revenue-generating opportunities, especially for a free app, but I would have liked an option that lets me pay once to unlock all the videos; thata€™s not available in Potty Training Time. Ita€™s not that big of a deal, but if you download the app hoping for wall-to-wall Elmo, you need to dial down your expectations.
Youa€™ll also hear a squeal of delight from Elmo the first time you discover that tappable element, and it gets stored in an achievement roll. Elmo!a€? is a better endorsement than anything I can offer, and the sight of her sitting on her potty at Elmoa€™s urging is giving me hope that our diaper days may soon be drawing to a close. My son is definitely not soft handed and this potty has withstood being stood on, dropped down stairs and having heavy toys smashed onto it.
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Ita€™s not exactly germane to the potty-training mission of the app, but ita€™s a clever little bit of interactivity that may keep your kids coming back for more. Multilingual families will appreciate that the app from Tizio lets you choose six different languages for the narration; you can also turn off the narration for kids who want to read the story aloud. More significant is the home button that automatically takes you to the beginning of the storya€”a potential problem if ita€™s tapped by an over-eager toddler whoa€™s just trying to interact with the story.
Each screen has an interactive element or two, but if you tap multiple things at oncea€”as kids are wont to doa€”the resulting sound effects play over each other, resulting in a cacophonous din. This will reduce stress on both you and your child.Give encouragement and be generous with your praises at every successful attempts at using the potty. Therea€™s no way to skip ahead to a specific page of I Have to Go, so if you inadvertently tap that home button, youa€™re starting over. On the other hand, do not pressure or punish your child for unsuccessful situations or accidents. Using cotton training pants will let your child feel the wetness and thus train faster but it is messier!Potty Seats & Toilets- choose a sturdy one so that your child will feel secure when sitting on it.

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