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I have a Jacuzzi Perfecta toilet in my kids bathroom less than a year old which has worked perfectly until yesterday; the water now constantly runs. Note this is an all-plastic flapper sealing against a plastic flange -- it MUST be missing a rubber gasket, right?
You can pick up a replacement flapper at any hardware or home supply store, but be careful when selecting the new flapper. If you are not sure there are a couple manufacturers such as Fluidmaster that make an adjustable flapper. For future folks finding this post needing a replacement for this particular unit, here is a replacement flapper for Jacuzzi Perfecta Toilet.
Supposedly, this is a basic flapper for the valve size that fits most recently made units (obviously 1.6gpf as of this post).
Lazypup: There is NO rating for flush volume on this and several other packages I reviewed there. The bleach tablets are very hard on any plastic parts, and even worse against rubber (even silicone) parts.
I was as surprised as you were at how the flapper failed- so if anyone else has the same issues, perhaps they will end up on this page, as I did. I have 2 such units in my home (~2 yrs old) and found the same symptoms as you described in toilet#1- four holes and all. I decided to replace both flappers for good measure, and found that toilet#2 still had the seal. I found the Korky 3" (3060BP) which is settable and seems to work fine as a replacement. I also had strange behavior with my unit and the water running what seemed like WAY too long to fill up.
Last week, it started a slow leak at the base without visible wetness anywhere on the unit itself (I'm wondering if the toilet flange in the concrete has gone bad). The holes in the down side of the flapper are to make sure any water that gets in the body empties out. The flapper relies on having a bubble of air inside to stay open long enough for the correct flush. Tonight, one of my kids said their toilet was running, and, sure enough, the gasket is missing. Glad it was helpful to others, as I certainly appreciated the fast response from those here like lazypup and brickeye. James the LionheartedI found the perfect replacement for a Jacuzzi Perfecta flapper replacement.
For a toilet with some quality, and a price which won't break your bank, I believe the Toto Drake, the AmStd Cadet 3, and the Niagara are worth a look. Glacier Bay is a Home Depot brand, so without a part number, it is just another generic container load that comes in with the house brand on the box. I've actually had decent luck with a one-piece glacier bay I bought at Home Depot for $69 on special about 6 months ago.

I did have to make a very minor, simple adjustment to ensure the tank was filling to the 1.28 gallon level in the bucket, however, you may not need to make any adjustment if it fills to the marked line.
By the way, this flapperless design has a 10 rating for flushing material, which is the best rating. Bathroom sanitary ware plastic water saving toilet flush system, View toilet flush system, WDR Product Details from Chaozhou WDR Ceramics Co., Ltd. In the last photo, you can see that the tall white pipe and the base where holds the flapper are separate parts. As a result the flappers had to be slightly redesigned and they are now rated for the volume of flush. Generally the adjustable ones will have a rigid plastic frame like yours and the rubber ball float portion can be rotated to adjust for the flush rate. That water is supposed to be directed into the white tube down into the bowl This is seperate then your problem. One thing i found was that the Jacuzzi flapper is prone to decay when a bleach tablet is placed in the tank. Although I'm disappointed I did not purchase a toilet with dual-flush, since the ubiquitous Hydroright! Can't imagine how the seal got down in to the sewer, but if it ever decides to call or write, it won't be good!
I want to replace the unit above due to the problems and it not having dual-flush in a house with 3 males.
I'm sure I'll be back getting another in the next year or so when the other 3 toilets start to leak. The water level drops down a couple of inches every hour or so and a short refill flush occurs.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Those model names you mentioned sound like the toilets which HD imports from Mexico..they are even worse! It has the flapperless design, which is essentially a trough or rectangular bucket that tilts when you flush it. If you do need to fine-tune the water level, then very gently bend the copper tubing that holds the filler spigot that empties into the bucket. It was done in independent testing, so it isn't some inflated rating from the manufacturer. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
When selecting a new one check the package carefully to be sure it is rated to match the flush volume of your water closet. You can find one in any hardware or home supply for under $10, in fact you may find them as cheap as $2. While this may be partially true (I don't know), I was lucky enough to find someone at Lowes who was both intelligent and experienced (not typically the case to find both qualities).

I plopped it there just to reduce the ick factor (placebo?) a bit and I'm OK with some chlorine on my hands while stuck in the tank water. I was going to order another flapper online (cost anywhere from $12 - 16), but I think I'll head down the street to Lowes and get the Korky 3" quicker there.
Doing so will bring the level of the float valve slightly upward and so likewise affects the level of the water in the bucket.
This toilet works very well, much better than the 47-year-old 3.5 gpf toilet we had in place before. I was thinking that there wasnt enough supply pressure, so I opened the supply valve all the way. I have one in the master bath and it works like a charm, despite negative reviews of older versions of the toilet.
Seems to be solid with a hole in it that fits over the post on either side of the fill tube. I once used toilet tablets for a while, (the tablets you put in a corner of the water tank).
Oh, by the way, the Glacier Bay brand which is exclusive to Home Depot is also known as Niagara or Niagara Flapperless. If it doesn't text or tweet, nary a signal will reach my kids over the blaring music in their IPod's head phones. Then I tried the Korky 3 inch flapper which worked but the floppy action was no match for the original. The salesman at Home Depot said the Eljer was no longer as good as my old one, and this GB was the best rated flusher he had. I knew going into this some people said the seat is flimsy, and it is, but at that price, I threw away the factory seat and installed a sturdier seat.
I bought a toilet flush valve kit from home depot, and replaced the old one, and stopped using tablets. I can buy the entire assembly from Jacuzzi, but that doesn't help if you are without a toilet and must wait for the part that you have to pay for if it was installed over 1 year ago.
Sounds great and all, but wonder how many people really send it for a replacement $10 flapper. If flushed properly, it would use less water than my Eljer, but it requires a minimum of one flush plus one gallon bucket to get anything down. It looks like it will fit as well if the original Jacuzzi hard plastic flapper ever breaks.

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