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The seats are contoured for your child's comfort, have non slip bases for safety, and the disposable liners make cleaning SUPER EASY!! If this isn't what you are looking for, check out our other Multi-Function Potty Chairs and Seats!!
I've used it also in the other position that allows it to sit on the ground or hard surface. I bought this potty seat as the answer for when we can't find a bathroom in time.(like camping) And because it converts to seat the child on a regular size toilet.
It's great that it works for different situations you may find yourself in and for children of various ages and stages of potty training.
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The bags fit perfectly and it's great for the outdoors when there's not always a bathroom nearby. I did use the potty seat on a regular toilet while out to eat at a restaurant with my husband. Start using them as potty chairs and easily convert them into potty seats as your child grows. It's definitely made our public potty training more successful. Video Review of the Potette 2 in 1 Travel Potty (Jun 13, 2012) Reviewer: Narmin Parpia THE BEST!!!

I can't tell you how many times we have heard driving down the road the panicked "I have to go potty!" No problem, we just pull over, take her out of the car seat and sit her on this right on the floor of our car.
I love that this seat is small enough to fit in my diaper bag but does 2 jobs--travel seat and potty seat. It is so convenient and easy and helps to keep potty training uninterrupted just because you're going on a long drive. Not for boys who sit down! We had a similar issue with my son peeing out the front of it but once we pushed it back a bit on the seat it was fine.

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