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When you have a linoleum, tile or hardwood floor, you can hear all the noise created by your little pride-and-joy. Help Gwen the Magic Nanny use her magic to take care of different fantastic families in the wondrous Fantasy Town! Make sure all of the babies of DinerTown are happy as you help run the local daycare in this cute Dash game! Scare up ferocious fun sitting cuddly crowds of miniature monsters in this spooktacular Time Management game!
Keep the little ones happy by fulfilling their needs in the form of hunger, sleep, diaper changing, playtime, and vomit-free zones. Train to become a preschool educator, helping the kids learn new activities,ยป Read more feed themselves, tidy up and, of course, have fun. Most parents know that taking care of babies is not a chore, but a great way of spending time with your little angles. Those who just want to have some fun and play baby games filled with adorable characters and a nice storyline will certainly enjoy titles like Diaper Dash and Baby Blimp. Besides taking care of babies and cleaning the place from time to time, you will also have to focus on scientific research, which will eventually make your job easier. Baby Blimp and Diaper Dash both offer a great combination of challenging levels and fun gameplay. The best part about these games is that you will never get bored of playing them, even after you reach the final rounds. When it comes to unique characters, few baby care games are better than Gwen the Magic Nanny is.
Once you reach the latter levels, you will run into some difficult challenges, but this game is not all about taking care of babies. If you want to change things up a little bit, you should try playing a few levels from the Daycare Nightmare series.
Another popular series of care games revolves around Carrie, a young woman who just graduated from college. Even though the baby care games are similar, there is a big difference between the original Carrie the Care Giver and the sequel. The first care game is less complicated since working in the nursery is all about attending to the basic needs of the baby, but you will also have to refresh Carrie's energy or wash her hands every once in a while. Babysitting Mania is not one of those caring games for girls in which you have to tend to the needs of the kids, quite the opposite. The fun part about this caring game is that you can create great combos if you stack similar actions, such as taking all of the dirty clothes at the same time and putting them in the washing machine. It is all up to you to click on the right things in the right order, so if you think you are fast enough, you will surely obtain a high score.
If you don't get help as soon as you can, it will be impossible to take care of all of those babies without making at least some of them cry. Baby care games are more fun to play than they sound (even for boys!), but it all depends on your preferences. Some of these baby caring games are quite complicated and they will be difficult even from the first couple of levels.
As a whole, the baby care game genre is basically the same: you have to figure out what's the best way of managing your time when you need to take care of many tasks at once. Another similarity between these girly games is that you need to have a strategy if you want to win. If you have never played a time management game before, you might be under the impression that these titles are more stressful than they are entertaining. In the end, care games are designed for those who want to meet some unique characters, take on a challenge, or simply have fun while playing a time management game. Thankfully, the manufacturers have tested the best baby play mat to the exacting European Toy Standards numbered EN71.
In Daycare Nightmare, you care for baby vampires, dragons and other little beasties while their parents are at work. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere surrounding these innocent creatures, you should take a look at some of the best baby care games fpr girls around and see what you can find.
Both of these games have a very original story, which will put a smile on your face throughout the game. This original story is pretty appealing, but the game is even more entertaining than it sounds. The graphics are similar, you can stack actions on top of each other if you can think ahead and your job will get more and more difficult as you advance.
The story will gradually unravel and you will be introduced to new tasks, which keep the game quite interesting.
As the title suggests, you will go to a magical world and you will have to take care of some very special babies along the way. Unfortunately, the power-ups from Gwen the Magic Nanny are not that exciting and they won't offer a significant improvement once you use them.
You will also receive secondary tasks, which will earn you extra points if you manage to complete them in time.
You will always have to focus on gaining more money because if you can afford buying them, these upgrades will help you finish the latter levels. In the first title, you will get your first job taking care of newborn babies in a hospital.
Instead of going from round to round and hoping you obtain a high score, you can jump into training mode for each level before you do your actual run.

In the first version, you will take care of newborn babies, while in the second one you will help toddlers with various tasks, including painting. All in all, this series is very entertaining and it brings something new to the table: you can now carry two items at the same time, which will definitely save a lot of time in the long run.
This is one time management game that is all about how fast you can click the screen without making a mistake. Plus, you will also have a hard time finishing each level because the kids will make a mess while you are cleaning another part of the house. Everyone knows that Hollywood couples are exocentric, but the one you are working for will take things to the extreme. After you clean the house and make sure that the baby is happy, you will receive the task to buy some household items that might prove to be helpful when things get complicated. This is not just an average taking care of the babies game from your kindergarten, but also about improving your facility and attracting more clients.
When it comes to being surrounded by lovable characters while enjoying the overall graphics and gameplay, you should pick a game from the Daycare Nightmare series or you might have fun playing Diaper Dash or Baby Blimp. If you think you can handle a challenge, you should try finishing Babysitting Mania or Nanny Mania 2 with a perfect score.
There are 50 levels in total, so you can be sure that you will spend hours in front of the computer screen without getting bored.
This is not simple at all, but if you can keep the babies happy, you will advance to the next level. Obtaining a decent score is not at all complicated, but finishing the job with time to spare is definitely a challenge. No matter what you're searching for, there is at least one baby game out there that can satisfy your needs. These requirements create a threshold for the flammability, chemistry and mechanical attributes of the mat.
Most of them will eventually test your hand to eye coordination once you reach the final levels, but they will also make you laugh and they will prove to you that taking care of babies can be fun and difficult at the same time. These babies are cute most of the time, but when you need to take care of half a dozen children, the situation will be different. We all know that babies come from storks and it is nice to get an insight look at what's happening before a baby is delivered to his parents. These care games for girls are all about strategy, so it will take you a while to get used to the controls and to figure out what you need to do if you want to get a maximum score on every round. The only downside you might notice is the lack of better upgrades, but this is not a big problem and it won't affect the gameplay at all.
Unlike in other nanny games, here you will go to a completely different world every time you finish a level and you will have to get familiar with the special needs of everyone all over again. Even so, it is nice to see that you can spend your money on boots, hats, and other accessories.
In some cases, you will have to search for hidden items while taking care of the kids, which is a nice way to mix the time management genre with the hidden objects one.
Both of these games follow the same pattern we know and love: you have to change, feed, and take care of babies as quickly as you can without making them sad. You will get to purchase unique things like an Exorcist, which, believe it or not, will keep the little monsters happy. This game is pretty easy to understand and you simply have to complete a few tasks before other babies are sent to your department. You will notice a training button before each level and you can give it a go if you want to know what follows without ruining your score. The second title - Carrie the Caregiver 2 will test your memory as well as your multi tasking abilities. In essence, you have to make sure that the kids go to bed, but this will only come into play in the latter levels of the game. After you finish the first few levels, the kids will start having parties and your job will only get tougher.
You will have to search for dirty clothes all over the house and you will find trash in very unusual locations.
The upgrade store will contain some very useful stuff, but it will take a while until you will be allowed to purchase something from it. When the day is over and you receive your tips, you can use the money you earn for buying extra beds, flowers or even hire personnel. The social aspect of the game is something you won't find in other games of this kind, so you should definitely give it a try. Many moments along the way will make you giggle if you choose one of these care games, since they are mostly orientated towards humor rather than giving you complicated tasks. The most difficult task you will have to complete is cleaning the huge house in the right order.
Most baby care games offer some type of upgrade method that will make your job easier, but you need to obtain a very high score if you want to afford the more useful power-ups. If you take a closer look at a few baby caring games for girls, you will notice that each one of them comes with a special twist. These care games offer a great combination of fun moments and challenging levels, so you will never feel like the game is abusing you for no reason. Time management games are always distinctive and tricky, but they get even better as soon as you add some cute babies into the mix.
The best baby play mat is made out of a material resembling a memory foam pillow that conforms to your shape.

You will find yourself running around the daycare trying to make everyone happy and if you are fast enough, you might even obtain the maximum score. This is a two-part game and the mix between organizing the baby production line and delivering the baby to the right parents will keep you entertained. Plus, if you don't create the right babies in Baby Blimp, it will be impossible for you to get a high score during the delivery stage. This simple fact will keep the game interesting for hours and there is no chance of losing interest, even if you don't usually enjoy time management games. Gwen the Magic Nanny is a great title, but those who want a more challenging game should take a closer look at the next baby game. Despite the threatening title, this game is very family-friendly and it will only make you laugh. You can see the cost of each upgrade beforehand, so it is quite easy to plan ahead and save money for something that is truly effective. Some of the babies are more sensitive than others are, so you need to prioritize their needs if you want to get a perfect score.
You will have to take a look at the progress made by each toddler and anticipate his or her needs if you want to obtain the best results. The first time you play Babysitting Mania, you will simply have to click on every bit of mess that you notice in the large house.
This is a fun caring games for girls title and it will put some pressure on you, which is great if you enjoy playing challenging time management games. Like in Babysitting Mania, keeping the baby happy is almost a secondary task, since cleaning the house will take most of your time. Nanny Mania 2 doesn't present lovable characters or a nice storyline, but it offers some really challenging time management levels and great gameplay. Every action you make will be reflected in the number of parents you see the next day and if you know how to make your kindergarten more attractive, you will gain more clients the following day. Of course, after you play any one of these baby games for girls for an hour you will run into complicated levels, but you should be able to get through them if you pay attention to the instructions.
The people who live in these houses have no problem with throwing their trash literally everywhere and if you miss one piece and you go back and get it, you will lose some points.
Even after playing it from start to finish, you will have nothing against starting again from the first level.
In some cases, you will enjoy the presence of adorable characters, in others you will laugh when reading the storyline and sometimes you will simply like the challenge. Plus, every time you will finish a very demanding level, you will enjoy the victory more than you would when playing a normal game that doesn't put pressure on the player. Parents have raved about this high-quality thick, foamy mat and even used it themselves for exercising.
It is the perfect protection against any tiny rocks, splinters or debris found on your home floor. While your baby plays, he can learn letters, numbers, shapes, animals and colors stimulating his creative mind. In the first half of each round, you will take a look at the needs of each couple and start taking babies out of the baby making machine.
Because you play the role of the only human who knows that monsters live among us, you are in charge of a daycare created especially for these little creatures. It is nice to see that babies come with a very strong personality, and you will know exactly what to do if you see a baby ghost getting angry, or a vampire trying to bite you: keep them happy! You will have to change a diaper or two every once in a while, but the main goal behind Nanny Mania 2 is keeping the house clean, serving dinner and making sure that the couple doesn't create a bigger mess while you are vacuuming the bedroom. If you want to see how good you are at multi-tasking, this is the right title to choose from our selection of care games. In the first few levels, you will have to take care of the babies all by yourself, but once you have enough money, you can pass some of the tasks to the people you hire.
A nice mixture between the challenging aspect and the lovable characters can be found in Gwen the Magic Nanny.
Taking care of the little babies or toddlers is always a great way to spend some time and you will enjoy it even during the more challenging rounds. You need to wash them, make sure they don't fall off the conveyor and send them to the storks. Both of the games from this series are similar in story and gameplay, but the second one comes with better graphics. Once everything is clean and tidy, you can put the kids to bed and you can advance to the next level.
This is a great old-fashioned time management game, since the controls are smooth and the click detection is perfect.
It will take a while until the levels will become complicated and the babies you have to take care of will always be cute and cuddly.
Even if these caring games might appear to be stressful, cleaning a house is very exciting and entertaining, especially when you have to do it against the clock.
If you can follow the instructions properly, the second part of the round will be easy: you just have to assign each baby to a stork and make sure they reach the right house.

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