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Pandaa Kidz- Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten, Day Care - Babysitting, Play Home, Nursary, Montessori, Kindergarden, Creach In Basavangudi Bangalore - You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Apples n Cherries Preschool is the vision of a group of professionals from India, UK, and the USA, offering the highest international standard of preschool education in India.
Apples n Cherries is the first school in India to offer the much acclaimed phonics program by Ms.

Apples n Cherries Preschool will give your child the best possible early years education by providing the right environment for learning and personal growth, with the highest standards as followed by the American and British preschool educational system.
We offer digital classrooms, library, audio-visual room, computer lab, splash pool, chef's corner, music corner, field trips, gym, sand play, math lab, activity hub, phonetics, Montessori equipments, annual sports day, grand cultural day, trained faculty, international adult child ratio. You will be getting maximum one mail in a day (Only if new ads of your interest is posted on You can unsubscribe at any time.

Our teaching methodologies are a happy blend of Reggio Emilia, Kindergarten and Montessori.

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