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Here's a quick look at the tools, makeup tips for Black women and techniques for creating a gorgeous look starting with the makeup basics. If you have oily skin like I do, makeup powder is one of your best friends when it comes to creating a lasting makeup look.
Find out more about the different types of powder form makeup and which ones you should have to get the results you want. There's nothing you can't disguise quickly and easily once you learn how to use concealer to cover imperfections completely. With a steady hand and a few simple tools like liner, shadow and mascara, you can transform your eyes so they command admiring looks. Take the time to learn the basic makeup tips for Black women for alluring eyes and then experiment to your hearts content. Avoid the most common makeup mistakes and always feel confident that you're putting your best face forward! If you want quality and results you can always count on there's nothing better than high end makeup. Designed for deeper skin tones and the special needs that skin of color has, spending more for your makeup pays off in flawless application and finish every time. One of the best kept secrets of some of the most beautiful Black women in the world is that they get their staple makeup product at a budget concious price.
You should put the same care into choosing colors for your makeup as you would for painting your house or buying a new outfit. The fact is that using the right colors for your skin tone takes a basic makeup look and enhances it dramatically.
Learn how to choose the best makeup colors to bring out the best in your features and have fun at the same time! The right brow shape frames your face, bring out your features and makes you look polished even if you don't do anything else. Learn how to groom your eyebrows to perfection so they flatter your face and enhance your style. When you want to kick your makeup application up another notch or two, nothing is more effective than using highlight and shadow (aka contouring) to make it happen. Transform your face for any special occasion and bring out your most beautiful features with ease.
But did you know that to have the best results with your makeup application you need to take your skin type into consideration as well? Black Women are known for beautiful, full lips and they're usually one of our most outstanding facial features.

Get tips for creating the perfect pout with liners, lipsticks and glosses and how to keep your lips smooth and supple when you go for a no makeup fresh faced look.
Whether its foundation, eye shadow, lip or cheek color, there's a brush for every kind of makeup.
Learn about makeup brushes and other essential tools, how to use them and which ones you must have in your makeup bag to get the best application results.
Use these makeup tips for Black women as a starting point to developing professional makeup application skills. Although the conventional dark brown color of eyes has its own charm but girls who have green eyes are considered more attractive by a lot of people. Bright eye makeup will remain ideal for people who have green eyes if they are going to a day time party. Light party makeup will best suit dark green eyes since dark eye shadow will really make light green eyes pop. Light smokey eye makeup for green eyes will remain perfect for an evening event or party, as soft makeup is the way to go on such occasions. Glittery or shimmering eye makeup for green eyes come into play when you are going to a cocktail party because in this kind of event people do not mind over-dressing to some extent.
Casual eye makeup for green eyes is best for events like bridal shower, tea party, barbecue or baby shower.
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I'm always amazed at how much it can transform a face and make you feel like a different person. Once you choose the right kind of foundation for your needs, proper application makes all the difference. Think about the times when you suffer from discoloration, acne or dark circles under your eyes. But no matter what, it's always good to have handful of fabulous tried and true makeup looks. As far as the outfit is concerned, women should prefer to wear clothes which have a medium tone, as they are not too dark nor too light; otherwise it will spoil their looks. It is a perfect shade to wear for all kinds of formal occasions, including a red carpet event.

If you like to give a dramatic effect, then apply bright lipstick with light smokey eye makeup. Therefore, choosing shimmering makeup along with mid length or short dress is considered a good option for a cocktail party.
The best dress options for such parties and events are either light colour outfits or the ones with bold prints.
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There are several women in this world who have green eyes but they do not know how to make them prominent or pop.
Events like early drinks fall in this category of makeup, where you can wear short cocktail dresses. However, women should apply a bright shade of lipstick and light makeup to the rest of the face to make their eyes more prominent. On the other hand, the attire of a woman should be a combo of skirt and shirt, but if the event is more fancy, then floor length gown can also be considered. Due to a lack of this essential knowledge women with green eyes fail to leave an impression that one expects from them.
As far as the attire is concerned, wear classy outfits on such events; they shouldn't be too short or too revealing since the event itself isn't too flashy.
Try wearing clothes of brown, gray and black colors in clothes to complement the dark smokey eyes.
In addition to this, cocktail dresses are also best for such evening events, as they look great with such makeup. However now with the help of this guide, such women can easily break down their old boundaries and discover a new side of them. All they need are some tips and tricks to make their green eyes more prominent – which are mentioned in this piece of writing.

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