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I felt bad about Rose not getting her own new bike, but hand-me-downs are an important life lesson. I’ve been trying to bribe her with various Cinderella items for months now, but now we have the ultimate bribe. Two days later we returned to the park with the same intentions: climbing, sandbox, pictures, walking. After the second bathroom trip, we walked around the park while Rose burst into tears randomly. Not only did Rose not pee at the park, she didn’t pee for THREE HOURS after we got home.
She also believes the potty is a house for her doll friends Dan and Larissa, who have their own blogworthy story about them.
Needless to say, with preschool looming just weeks away, my daughter isn’t potty-trained yet.
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Privacy policy : We may use anonymous information that we collect from you to improve our services. The controls of this game are rather basic, and are very similar to the controls of previous Potty Racers games. It’s one of those fantastic princess numbers with a carriage and streamers in the front.

I bought it at a garage sale and the previous owner had pasted Hello Kitty stickers all over it.
At first she was very excited, but when it came down to it she was still too scared to use the potty without the seat. So why we were traipsing back and forth to the potty and ruining our park trip, I’ll never know.
We figured we could give it to her for her birthday, but we didn’t want to wait that long. We only had about 45 minutes to spend at the park if we were going to make it to ice cream and we were about to waste 30 minutes of it. I do know that if you REALLY want to have a fun special day with your three kids, one of the three will make sure it doesn’t happen. The fact that it played triumphant music when she (theoretically) peed in it should have cemented the deal. Instead of learning to use the potty from the doll, my daughter thinks the potty belongs to the doll and only the doll may use it. In both cases no name, address, email address or telephone number is recorded and technical informationis only used in order to serve goods and services that may be of interest to you. Her birthday is not until October and my husband and I are SO excited about this bike that we want to give it to her now. The restroom was inconveniently on the other side of the park and across a giant parking lot.

You would think the troublemaker would be the needy, fussy, hungry baby, but nine times out of ten it’s someone who can talk. The door was horrendous and heavy, especially with our giant stroller, which was carrying all of our gear. Whenever my 2 year oldĀ sees her sister has the toy she goes on and on about how the doll used the potty.
Actually, she’s ridden it more than Lily has because Lily is scared of the oh-so-tall height of the new bike. She has a real phobia about using the toilet without the potty seat because she once tried to go without it on her own and fell in. This is your last trip to the bathroom while we are here so it’s now or you can hold it or you can have an accident. Just go to the potty!” Um, yeah, the park employees could hear this from me twice in three days.

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