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When does this frame happen? In the end, Woodward (sic, not intentional) is jailed without successfully taking Batman’s costume or learning his identity. And another thing… if a criminal actually wore the cape and cowl for warmth in prison, other prisoners would beat him up in a symbolic cathartic victory over the Bat. The idea for this article was seeded by my nephew who wanted a quick rhyming poem for his class assignment. I am sure you know that creating rhyming poems – though high on the cheesy scale – has its uses. The rhyming generator has 2.6 million words in its database to match your supplied word against.
B-Rhymes says that it is a rhyming dictionary that’s not stuck up about what does and doesn’t rhyme.
The Scholastic site seems just the thing for kindergarten students, though it is a good teaching aid.
Scholastic is one of the oldest and largest educational companies in the world with a global reach of 150 countries.
WikiRhymer is a neat community powered website in the best traditions of contributory wikis. According to the FAQ, the online version contains more than 70,000 entries, 730 color illustrations, 300 word history paragraphs, 170 synonym paragraphs, and abundant examples showing how words are used in context. The seriousness with which these tools are developed and used flies in the face of my article title. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Whether you're a poet, a songwriter or in any other field that requires a creative rhyme, one of the best ways to overcome writers block is with an abundance of information. I find him effeminate and also I keep thinking about the Deep Throat people but actually that’s Woodward (and Bernstein).

Wormwood receives this package in his Arkham cell with an awful poem on cheesy Batman stationary. Is it supposed to associate him with Batman so that the others will think he’s undercover working for Batman?
I was really surprised as the dreaded Writer’s Block halted me in my tracks and stopped me from coming up with good rhyming words and dashing of an off-the-cuff poem. From birthday cards to classroom assignments, from Valentine endearments to Facebook status updates, rhyming words to make a poem is an “in-demand” art form.
It is a multilingual rhyming generator that speaks Dutch, Spanish, Russian, German, French, and English.
Rhymes can be sourced under pure rhymes, end rhymes, near rhymes, near-end rhymes, and mosaic rhymes categories. One of the oldest and respected names in the English lexicology space has a well-designed dictionary meant for kids. The rhyming dictionary’s mission is to become the largest human-edited rhymes collection on the web. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. I know he acts like a dumb playboy millionaire for the public but… why can’t Batman craft more biting verse for a defeated foe? I reckon that if aspiring poets can have their poetry apps and poetry get-togethers on the web, we amateurs can do with a bit of rhyming help. B-Rhymes generates half-rhymes that follow phonetic principles though they may rhyme according to syllables. WikiRhymer has a forum going for it where you can discuss poetry, songs, and anything else that has to do with vowel chimes. Word Central has a dictionary, a thesaurus, a rhyming words dictionary, and interactive games.

Results are broken down according to syllables (1 to 3), and you can also search for the word’s translations, its uses in phrases and quotes, along with other conversions as you can see in the screenshot. But beyond that — ALL EPISODE THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR POSSESSION OF THE CAPE AND COWL — and then Batman just gives it willingly in the end?! It will have Milton and his buddies rolling in laughter, but I think they won’t be throwing eggs at me from up there.
B-Rhymes does give you a chance to walk away without sounding too commonplace with your poems. As you can see from the screenshot, children will have to pick a room and entering that, they have to pick objects to make them rhyme with another object within that room. The rhyming dictionary presents a long list of words that possibly rhyme with your keyword. One of the unique features is that it also gives you citation styles for different types of documents. B-Rhymes supplies each rhyming word with a pronunciation and a score that indicates its rhyming strength.
Don’t forget to check out what my friend Ryan reviewed a few years back – a powerful, free rhyme generator called VersePerfect that you can download and use.
It is to be expected that a resource like Merriam-Webster will have a large index of words to draw from.

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