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The first place I heard about EC was when I was reading “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering” by Sarah J Buckley. To start, we decided we’d change Phoebe’s diapers as quickly as possible, to help her keep the preference for a dry bum.
As Phoebe got a little older and we got more confident about being parents in general, we’d give her more diaper free time on the changing pad while we dressed her or changed her diaper. Phoebe went through a period of really bad gas, so we’d often have her on the pad, diaper off, and we’d bicycle her legs to help the gas out.
I took Phoebe into the bathroom a few times to hold her above the sink and see if she’d pee or poo there, but she cried and screamed, so I gave it a break. The next day we had success “catching” pees and poos again: she pooped once and peed 4 times in the sink, upon cueing. Over the next week, we noticed trends: Phoebe didn’t pee in her sleep, but always needed to pee shortly after a nap.
I started to realize that if she popped on and off a lot while nursing, it was because she either had to burp or pee…and most often it meant both. As Phoebe’s vocalizations have developed this month, we’ve come to recognize the cry she gives when she needs to relieve herself. Just this last week, I picked up on the fact that she often twitches she foot while nursing if she has to pee. Just found your blog from a tweet and I love how you are very detail in describing your journey. Just found your blog today I was browsing some old posts from MiP and I saw your comment about not understanding the goal of EC is not to potty train early. Something mums are going to become very well acquainted with during the starting months, is their babies’ poo! Mums Worries: What is the difference between the poop produced by breastfed babies and formula-fed baby? Lots of breastfed babies dirty a diaper every time (or most times) they eat for the first few weeks, or even months. Mums need to stock up on diapers, as baby needs more diaper change due to their delicate skin.
If baby is having excessive (12 to 16 per day), watery, stinky stools, call the doc - this may be diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is characterized by stools that are mucousy, foul-smelling, more frequent than usual, blood-tinged, or watery. Many individuals from our research pool suggested that the simple use of water, soap and sunlight is the best remedy for baby poop stain removal from any clothing article.
Pour the contents of the bucket into the washing machine, add laudry detergent and run wash cycle with warm water. WARNING: No matter which method of baby poop stain removal you try, do NOT dry the stained item in the dryer until the stain is gone, or the stain will set!

Our one caveat for recommending the water, soap and sunlight method of removing baby poop is that stains have either been found to disappear with sunlight, or set completely. Keep in mind that new-born baby poop tends to be harder to get out, as does baby poop from babies who breast feed! Bauer is a total hippie, but a lot of the book was well researched, and it laid out EC in a clear and accessible manner. This would give her the opportunity to have an open air “accident,” which we loved, because it was an opportunity to make the cueing sounds for her. On June 6th, at 7.5 weeks old (and on her Papa’s birthday), we held her over the sink, made the cueing sounds to let her know she could go potty, and she peed and pooped on cue.
And a friend pointed out that if I’m babywearing her in the ring sling, I can feel her stomach muscles flex when she’s gotta go. Thank goodness for twitter; using the hashtag #ecchat, I have found a community of other EC parents who offer encouragement, moral support and advice…as well as shared enthusiasm.
At night, we share our bed with her, and she has a specific way of hitting me with her arm to wake me up when she needs a diaper change. People are so impressed, as you are right, people here aren’t even aware that EC is a possibility. It’s easy to overlook this intangible part of our being, but it creeps up into our awareness, through our nicknames, our slang, our childlike imaginations. She asks me: “Have you ever used art to paint your way out of your hardest times in life or your inner struggles? I have new portraits to share with you that are a part of my Animal Personality Portrait series. Baby poop may vary in color and consistency, but the stain that baby poop leaves on clothing and fabric is inevitably difficult to remove. This might be a great starting point for those of you who do not wish to spend time and money on cleaning products just yet! However, in the event that your new-born, breast-feeding sweetheart makes a mess of your favorite night-gown, fear not!
Remember to test these products on a small section of your clothing or carpet if you are concerned about damaging more delicate types of materials. That meant we almost never cued her to pee, because we had her in diapers except for diaper changes. Our changing pad has washable cloths on it to soak up pee and poo, so the accidents were not really messy; in fact, they were easier clean-up jobs that most dirty diaper changes!
She loved time on the changing pad, and eventually started to pump her arms and legs in excitement whenever she was lying there with her diaper off.
This week, we dug out the bloomers that came with her dress outfits, and we give her “underwear time” periodically throughout the day.
Then, one day on twitter, my brother dropped me a line saying he and Eli (my sister-in-law) did this method with my niece.

I give her a fresh diaper a few times a night, changing her right there on the bed, then we nurse back to sleep. Each of the portraits this week is a custom painting done in watercolor and ink on 9 x 12 inch watercolor paper. Here are several tricks to try when you find yourself baffled by a baby poop blow outs that stains your onesies, pants, and bed sheets.
The water, soap and sunlight method will most likely work for nearly all materials, but finer materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere may not clean as well. She’s peed on a lot of things, but each time a blanket or outfit (or parent) gets soaked with pee, we take it as an opportunity to learn, to understand more what body language and cues from Phoebe precede a pee, and we grow from there. My DD is 17 months and still nursing but I sometimes catch her ques but I’m always too late to get her to the potty.
There is no magic formula for how EC should be incorporated; each family has to find what works for them. Then in the morning, she awakens bright eyed and bushy tailed and giggles at us as we cuddle and yawn together in bed.
The other 32 times she’s pooped, our little baby has waited until she had her diaper off and was in a “potty place” in order to go. But Elimination Communication, or “EC” for short, is a widely used practice of infant pottying all across the globe.
She also pees in the sink, in a little baby bjorn potty in her bedroom and in the backyard. Typically you find it in places that are less westernized or Americanized, the same places where disposable diapers are too expensive for the common person. When we’re out running errands, if she has a dry diaper and I suspect she needs to go, I offer her an opportunity to pee. But if you ask me, peeing your pants is a far more primitive way to grow up than learning to pee where the big boys and girls go. She has peed: in the bushes near Target, in woodchips at the Costco parking lot and even in the sink at the Chiropractor’s.
She almost always lets us know she has to go, and we almost always understand her in time to catch it. I was so grateful to realize I had someone locally AND in my family that I could now talk to about it!

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