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Here she is throwing all of her diapers away!  She had so much fun doing this.  She was picking them up and then smashing them into the trash can! Here’s the big froggie balloon that Daddy bought her after not having any accidents all day Friday! Gonna have to try this… I'm on number 4 and I thought we had this licked, then we somehow regressed??? Moving on, I next did the unthinkable (according to many potty training experts, at least). Personally, I found that taking TOO hard of a line (withholding a diaper or pull-up completely) led to a kid who held it in no. I will say that reverting back to diapers seemed to help, and seemed to be one of the final straws that broke the wall of their resistance — especially once my kids were consistently dry and could wear real underwear.
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We had this issue with our son, at almost the exact same age, and it kept up for the better part of a year. So, both here and at home, we started putting him in Pull-Ups right after lunch and dinner, because those were the usual times when he’d have accidents. After a solid six months of daily poop-in-the-pants accidents, he was completely trained in three weeks. Books, videos, bribes, all manner of praise and trickery were used until the adults were just exhausted.
We gave each step about a week or so, I just followed his cues and when he was comfortable and confident at a step, we’d move to the next step. Not sure I can add much to the good advice from Amy and the commenters, but I’ll say that I went through this with my older son too. Something that worked for us when my son potty trained but would not poop on the toilet, while it is admittedly time and effort intensive, was to make him take a bath every time he pooped his pants. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Aubrey Ann has been peeing on the potty for a few weeks, and just yesterday Sunday, November 16th, she pooped on the potty for the first time.
So, we have been sitting on the potty several times per day, but today was the first day I really focused on potty training.  I think it was the first time I could actually admit to myself that that was what I was actually doing.
I know it is going to be a long road, and there will be accidents, but I am so proud of my little one!
Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training stopped pooping blood?

Though you may have addressed this question in the one zillion other times you’ve written about potty training, I thought it was worth it to ask. It might be worth a try, but then move on to option two at the first sign of a pooping strike beyond 24 hours. I don’t recall having issues with my first daughter, she was the kid who was all excited at first, then lost interest and then decided when she was ready 3 months later, it was all or nothing with minimal accidents.
We just told him if he popped his pants it made him dirty and we had to get him cleaned up in the tub.
My son Zander, and we had an AWFUL week of dealing with him trying to run and poop in private.. And while he thought it was sorta neat, and I was all about letting him see what the hubbub was about, I quickly determined he wasn’t ready for potty boot camp. I started with diapers at first, but he still liked going in the potty (and getting the treats!) and the diaper is such a pain to get on and off a standing child at a restaurant.
I do not fully understand why, or if perhaps we were all doing the same wrong thing, but…yeah. More maturity, more practice, more positive experiences and general comfort with their bodily functions, etc. Shw was really doing well for the 1st 6 months, and then started having problems with constipation. My son pee trained at barely 2 and for almost a year we couldn’t make poop on the potty the norm. Mom, Dad, and two grandparents all thought we were doing all the right things and, still, this fabulous little boy just pooped in his pants for an extra couple of years after peeing in the toilet. He has used the toilet for poop on and off since he was 1 (he had a phase where he was a real open-air pooper!), but shows few or no signs of being ready to pee-train. Having to bathe more than once a day, having it interrupt his play time and be a huge event instead of just pooping on the toilet and being done with it was so annoying to him that he was pooping on the toilet within a week.
With all the advice we have been getting, we hope to not have the problem we had with our older son. However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. He couldn’t pull his pants up or down by himself, he was never dry for any more than about 45 minutes and he was totally ambivalent about underwear or going on the potty after trying it a handful of times. Do I stop doing pull-ups and insist on the diaper and ignore requests to go pee on the potty until he’s all the way ready? Gonna wait till all his molars are through though, cause oh my god that plays havoc with the poor boy’s bowel. He generally likes bedtime baths but he still did not like having his normal schedule disrupted like that.

I will likely be going through this again soon, because this is the EXACT sort of species of boy-child I seem to create. What we do is change her underwear and clear her up right way, without praise, blame or shame. I know he could wait another year and a half and still be well within the normal age range of potty training for boys. But, I also hate to take a step backwards with the peeing – THAT PART, he not only gets, but seems excited about and has a lot of pride when he announces that he peed and washed his hands ALL BY HIMSELF! This is a domain where they are in control, so be careful about turning it into a battle of wills.
He just needs it to feel like it’s his decision, so operate (and manipulate) accordingly. Cheaper and more babyish, he didn’t care at all) He kept telling us he would poop on the potty when he turned 4.
At his 3 yr well visit, I described what was happening and the dr told me to put the skids on all aspects of potty training and wait for 6 months. Over and done by two and a half, usually with just a couple days of New World Order Potty Training Boot Camp. I used to cloth diapers, but washing one diaper a day was a pain in the ass, so she’s in disposable at the moment. After pooping his pants for 3 days straight, he got a full blown case of diarrhea and mommy abandoned the potty training ship. As soon as her little sister is born and big enough to fit in my BG, I will put her in cloth again. The other key was to not make it a big deal, that was the toughest because I’d get so frustrated with all of it. The diaper was a concession we made after days of her holding it in to the point that we were afraid she would hurt herself.
In my opinion, it is much easier to keep a kid in underwear if the problem is poop than if they keep peeing themselves : messy, but easily contained, and you just need to change the underwar, rather than everything else!
I figured Zander would be easiest, because he too is very good at communicating and understanding.Then after that week its like something just clicked with him as well.

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