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Listen to Prince Paul's Previously Unreleased Song with Missy Elliott From Pootie Tang (AUDIO). Pootie Tang (AUDIO)." rel="bookmark">Listen to Prince Paul's Previously Unreleased Song with Missy Elliott From Pootie Tang (AUDIO). Mixtape Monday: Big Cats Island Universes Premiere, DJ Rashad Hayes, DJ Premier x DJ Eclipse x Sean Price + More! DJ Prince Paul is known for his oddball musical stylings in the last decade almost as well as he is known for his legendary production work for De La Soul. Prince Paul opens up his archives and unleashes "Tipi Ti On My Cappi Town" - a previously unreleased R&B slo-jam performed by "Pootie Tang" (Lance Crouther) and Missy Elliott, which appears in the film but not on the Pootie Tang soundtrack. Meylin (3 votes)Tom Delay Beats - The Living Dead (Video) (3 votes)Pharoahe Monch - Damage (Prod.

I remember it like it was yesterday going to see the movie and it being like 8 people in the theatre but laughing our asses off regardless.
The headmaster of Handsome Boy Modeling School, Prince Paul made the executive decision to drop a digital stream of this gem – produced by he and Don Newkirk for anyone still jones-ing to sine their pitty on the runny kine after all these years.
The song is called "Tipi Ti on Mi Cappi Town," and it features Missy Elliott, with additional vocals from Lance Crouther—AKA Pootie Tang himself. This track here was a previously unreleased track slated for the movie but was swept under the rug. The film has since become a cult classic for no reason in particular, but the incomprehensible dialog and Wanda Sykes‘ impassioned performance as Biggie Shorty have surely helped to enshrine the flick in the hallowed halls of our pop culture infested collective memory.
For those who don't know, Pootie Tang was a film written by Louis CK that stemmed from a popular sketch on The Chris Rock Show.

Missy gets her crooning on for this slow jam, which was apparently supposed to be a ballad for a night club scene in the film. Listen to Missy and Pootie sing their hearts out over the marshmallowy r&b track with your main damie. Hollywood took over ;) This was lots of fun to record and after I definitely had a big respect for Missy, she's genius.

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