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All the way back in 1998, the comedian directed a film called Tomorrow Night, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival but was never picked up for distribution. Tomorrow Night screened at the Sundance film festival as well as other festivals from Seattle to Sweden. Judging by the trailer alone (which is far from the best way to judge, I agree in advance), I can see why the film didn't get a distributor. With the global population soaring towards 9 billion people by 2050 current levels of meat and dairy consumption are not sustainable on our limited earth. Thanks to the SF Sketchfest, I saw a screening of Pootie Tang last night at the Castro Theatre, filled up with fans so in love with the movie, one row wore matching, home-made T-shirts featuring character names. Pootie Tang exists as a clip of a movie about a movie made by the very famous Pootie Tang called Sine Your Pitty On The Runny Kine, which clip consists of the entire movie, a movie that is basically a very strange, very over-the-top send-up of blaxploitation flicks and then current hip-hop culture. Yeah, the problem with the way they re-cut it, and the problem I had with the narration, is that it’s commenting on how weird the story is.
The film has presumably been sitting on a shelf somewhere, or under a pile Emmys all this time, and the comedian has decided to release the film on his website next month for five dollars. It might be worth $5 as a novelty (because of the talent attached), but it certainly doesn't look like a good movie.
I worried it was all going to be too “inside” for me to like it, that every line would get a laugh, and I’d leave wishing I’d been drunk enough one night in ’01 to have seen it then.

Judging from the trailer, the film looks like a freshly dug up time capsule full of all your of your favorite comedians before they were famous, including younger versions of Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, JB Smoove, Conan O'Brien and Wanda Sykes. Based on the trailer, the film seems to heavily consist of a man sitting on a pile of ice-cream, so take from that what you may. They argued that anyone expecting a normal, safe, Hollywood comedy, a black Austin Powers, for example (which is what the studio wanted), would of course be as bewildered as poor, hapless Roger Ebert (“Not bad so much as inexplicable. After shooting and editing together his version, the studio freaked out and pushed out Louis. You watch in puzzlement.”) who let’s remember didn’t understand or like Blue Velvet either, just to name one example of this Most Famous Critic Of All Time’s inability to comprehend the unusual. It is, he thinks, the source of all his power (he will learn an important lesson to the contrary late in the movie, when the talking cornstalk reveals itself to be his dead father).
Only the stupid is so stupid it kind of takes you through the looking-glass out the other side into the magical realm of anti-stupid. It’s hard to imagine an actual movie studio funding it to the tune of something like six million dollars. And the weird is, yes, weird, but it’s delivered straight half the time in a way that almost erases the weirdness. Louis hadn’t yet mastered how to get this vibe across, and then the re-editing further diminished the effect.

It feels like someone got away with something, something like a secret world revealed for us to laugh at, however imperfectly realized. I wanted people to really believe that the people who made this film believed in it as a true story, and that we didn’t think it was weird. Reviewers seem convinced that this is the one joke the movie has to offer, and that it’s only funny for thirty seconds. As ever, they miss the real beauty, which is that the lead character never says one intelligible word for the entire movie. They should have thought that we were so crazy, we thought it was a legitimate dramatic moment for a guy to cry because a piece of corn died. Matt Stone and Trey Parker get called geniuses for making an action movie starring puppets, the joke being that the puppets are just as expressive as action movie stars. The bits that failed to make me laugh at least left me thinking, “That is a very strange joke to be going for here, and I thank you for trying.” Best of all, there’s a scene featuring a gorilla attack.

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