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Sign up for the Creative With Kids Newsletter to receive weekly simple ideas like this that will help you enjoy parenting. My youngest child turned two this week!  In celebration of her birthday, and because I really want to make the best of this time, I created this list of fun activities for 1, 2 and 3 year olds.
Many of these ideas for toddler activities come from when I asked about your favorite fun activities for 2 year olds this summer. Don’t let this list overwhelm you!   Just use it to get get re-inspired when you’re feeling exhausted by things like night wakings of your 1 year old, potty training your 2 year old, or the constant mess your 3 year old leaves in her wake.  The ideas on the list are the some of the most fun activities to do with toddlers.
This post includes a few Amazon links which support CWK when you purchase through them, yet don’t cost you anything extra. My daughter particularly likes it went I pretend her nose makes different noises like beeping etc.
A daily afternoon pram walk, so we can talk about the gardens we see, trees, the clouds, we count the buses. An open gym day where your child can free play in the foam pit, the trampolines and the mats.
When my daughter was a 3 year old she had 2 of her friends over and we made Valentine’s cookies–the floor was solid pink with sugar and sprinkles afterward! This is a wonderful list that truly values the rich normality of everyday life for very young children. Hi Alissa, this is SUCH a comprehensive and wonderful reminder – of the importance we parents have to actually PLAY and enjoy our little ones. Get Prices on a Porta Potty RentalIf you are looking for information and prices on porta potty rentals, then you've come the the right place.
It is possible to use stronger colors than the ones that prevail in this neighborhood without creating an eyesore.
I am not sure that intense blue or purple with darker trim sounds like the worst thing, to me and I am someone who doesn't really like intense blue or intense purple. But in a general sense I think I would be more bothered by the trims in different colors than the body. Joseph Corlett, LLCI'm glad to live in an HOA neighborhood, but our allowable paint selections are between drab, boring, and kill yourself.
I often think people paint their houses garish or odd colors by mistake -- you know, that electric blue looked more subtle on the paint chip.
Are they just similar era or is this an actual development of houses where they are essentially variations of the same style? On the one hand it may be more palatable to have houses of wildly varying colors if the styles and eras are also different. Here is a link that might be useful: My houses were the same shade as the second house from the left. My area has a history of homes that are small and colorful but white and beige siding certainly took over starting a few decades ago. I would vomit too if I had a house that color outside my window, unless I lived in a place where all houses were jewels, like Rainbow Row (although that link above has enhanced colors in it. Even then, I would feel an obligation to pick a color that worked with the surrounding homes, wherever I lived. You gave me so many wonderful things to do with toddlers. I had no idea how HAPPY reading the responses would make me!
So many of the most important things to do with toddlers are simple actvitities that take place in the home as part of day to day life. Been looking for more ways to connect with my 2 year old since his baby sister was born 3 weeks ago, will definitely be doing some of these So much fun!
While the toddler years can be certainly difficult, it sure has been full of laughter and fun too. They only grow up once, and doing some of these things while they are little is the best thing we can do as a parent. If you are just looking to get a quick price quote from one of the top porta potty suppliers in your area, then you can fill out the quick quote and you will be contacted by a few companies shortly.
One house is painted a brilliant blue, with deep blue trim; the other is brilliant purple, with deep purple trim. In certain Victorian schemes and certain 1950s-1970s schemes, trim color darker than the body color were typical. The houses debrak posted probably fit right in with their neighbors -- can see other colorful houses next door in those photos. On the other hand it may be more tempting to make your house stand out (to some people) if they are all the same.
There are lots of people for whom differentiating shades is very difficult, and a lot of people who just don't have a ton of color sense in putting colors together.
However, a couple of years ago I painted our storage shed bright purple after we got home from a trip to San Francisco.

But I would likely vomit every day if the house across my street were painted that gorgeous intense color.
These little moments almost always end in some snuggle time before a nap, a tickle fest or lead to an investigation of what little critter crawled over her arm out of the grass.
It’s our special time together and he gets such a kick out of showing me all that he finds up there. I had forgotten about kites… going to buy one tomorrow and hope to see my two-year-old’s face light up when he sees it flying in the sky!
They are delightful, I’m always looking for ways to make our time together memorable. One owner who chose an intense yellow had the house repainted in pastel yellow within a year.
I know people who feel very passionate about what their neighbors can and can't do and will cause a fuss about it. I'm just curious about your definition, and how you developed that definition as part of your personal aesthetic. Too often as parents we ignore our gut instincts, and we are duped into following bad advice, the kind of expert advice that has been backed up with faulty research.Research is often flawed. These are the cheapest, most basic units available and typically cost around $80-$100 dollars a month depending on how often it needs to be pumped and how many units you are renting, and for how long.Special Event Porta PottyThese units are usually larger, cleaner, and come with built in sinks. We have an HOA and they were supposed to paint it the same color it was originally, which was tan. I draw eyes on our palms with washable markers… then hold our hands palm outwards (eye out) up to your own eyes.
They are often referred to as special event or VIP porta potties, and can cost anywhere from $125-$300 for a rental. If my neighbor wants bright pink siding, I wouldn't like it, but it's not mine to decide and I'm not paying their mortgage.
The color that went on was such a bright yellow, it looked like someone dragged a huge highlighter across the house. In modern times, bias it still a problem, but more often problems arise from conflicts of interest.
If you need it for a weekend party or event, units will typically be dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday, as few companies operate on the weekends.
Edited to correct that I refer to the traditional neighborhoods the OP identifies - obviously not the colorful neighborhoods already in existence in other areas!
Instead of pursuing objective results, research is commonly twisted to support corporate agendas. Some special event units are flushable with running water, but they are uncommon.Handicapped and ADA Certified Wheel Chair Accessible Porta PottyADA Certified units are much wider than any other model and they come with ramps and hand rails. There is no substitute for doing your own research.Cry It Out MethodCulture influences science in many ways and so do changes in family structure. ADA Certified units typically cost about $100-$125 a month for a rental with standard service included.High Rise Porta PottyHigh rise toilets are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver and lift.
They come with hooks on the top so that you can easily connect it to a crane and lift it to your desired location. In America during the late 1800s, extended families were often broken up and the typical American family became a smaller unit. High rise porta potties are very lightweight and you must be sure that they are locked into place once you get them to their location as some units have flown off buildings due to high winds.The prices listed above are just an estimate, and do not include delivery charges, and optional insurance fees.
During this transition, new parents had to cope with raising children on their own, a highly independent but unnatural approach to child rearing. This is the cultural backdrop that gave birth to the crying it out method.It was falsely believed that parents would spoil their children if they were too attentive to their needs. This belief wasna€™t based on real evidence, but it was later supported by several poorly conducted studies. The goal was to teach a baby as young as 6 months to quietly sit in its crib.Letting your infant a€?cry it outa€? can cause brain damage, actual neurological harm as well as psychological harm. And interacting with infants is not a waste of time; it is a highly educational and productive activity. Entertaining your baby stimulates their neural development.Infant Nutritional AdviceFrom the late 1800s through the 1960s, many pediatriciansa€™ recommendations were either abusive or negligent, depending upon your point of view. As a matter of fact, following their advice today would most likely result in very sick infants, the loss of parental rights, or both.Sir Frederick Truby King, and Walter W. He advocated feeding babies every four hours during the day and never feeding them at night. He recommended placing infants in their own room and leaving them alone in the garden for long hours in order to a€?toughen them upa€?. Sadly, his advice was widely taken to heart.Walter Sackett also advocated a four-hour daytime only feeding schedule.

He recommended the introduction of solid foods for infants who are 2-3 days old beginning with cereal and introducing meat at 14 days. He argued that, a€?Research has shown that babya€™s digestive tract will not be harmed by any food he can swallow.a€? Of course, modern research refutes this harmful advice. He even recommended giving coffee to six-month-old infants!Many doctors also recommended formula over breast milk. This recommendation, like so many others, was inspired more by corporate payoffs than by scientific findings.Obviously, these days we know better. Breast milk is the best food for our babies, and other foods should be introduced one at a time.
Even the healthiest infant formula pales in comparison to naturea€™s super-food, breast milk.The reason that foods should be delayed at least this long is a babya€™s gut is highly permeable.
This is known as a virgin gut (in an adult a highly permeable gut is known as leaky gut syndrome).
Throughout most of our history as human beings, and throughout most of the world, infants have always slept with their parents.WEB MD, American Academy of Pediatrics, and many other medical authorities warn against co-sleeping. Web Med states the following:Sharing the bed with your baby multiplies the risk forA sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) fivefold, according to a 2013 study. The American Academy of Pediatrics cites the dangers of SIDS and suffocation, and recommends that parents keep their baby out of their bed, especially during the first 3 months of life.Colson encourages room sharing. To lower SIDS risk, follow two rules when you do put your baby down in his crib orA bassinet.
Babies forced to sleep alone (made to sleep in cribs) are more likely to die from the stress, and babies need their mothers in order to take cues for breathing.
A breast-fed baby almost never dies of SIDS, and when they do, they are usually well vaccinated and left to sleep alone.SIDS was so rare prior to 1950 that it isna€™t even mentioned in the statistics. Infants who are fed formula, who are forced to sleep alone, and who are well vaccinated run the greatest risk of SIDS.
The SIDS rate in America has fallen with the rising popularity of breast feeding, but there is so much more we can do to protect our children.Dr. Mckenna shares his research on co-sleeping.a€¦Touching infants changes their breathing, body temperature, growth rate, blood pressure, body temperature, stress levels and growth itself. In other words, the mother’s body is the only environment to which the human infant is adapted. New parents are ablaze with hormones (both mom and dad) and it is highly unlikely they will forget the presence of their child, even when sleeping. But a poor diet and environmental toxins can disrupt hormones; making this nightmarish scenario more likely. Co-sleeping is not without risk, but leaving the infant to cry it out and just a€?get over it and self soothe,a€? abandoned and alone in its room, is a more dangerous option. Forcing a baby to sleep alone guarantees some harm to the infant, while co-sleeping carries no guarantee of harm.Child Protective Services and other similar but differently named state agencies do not look kindly on co-sleeping. To prevent this, many co-sleeping parents simply put their mattress on the floor with no frame and no box springs.
Other parents pile up pillows around the bed as a way of breaking a babya€™s fall should they roll off the bed.Circumcision Since the 1800s, experts have promoted circumcision as prevention for a laughable list of medical conditions from excessive masturbation to crossed eyes, nervousness, and epilepsy. John Hutchinson, a dedicated advocate of circumcision in the 1890s, states the following in making his case for genital mutilation.It is surely not needful to seek any recondite motive for the origin of the practice of circumcision. No one who has seen the superior cleanliness of a Hebrew penis can have avoided a very strong impression in favour of removal of the foreskin. Neonatal circumcision has no medical indication and is now considered to be an unnecessaryA non-therapeutic operation.
It is unethical to carry out such operations on minors who cannot consent for themselves.A Consequently, most doctors who have a baby die after a circumcision would prefer to attribute the results of his unethical operation to secondary causes, such as infection or bleeding, while ignoring the primary cause, which is the circumcision that resulted in the infection or bleeding. It is, therefore, very hard to identify the total number of deaths that occur from circumcision.
It is not known how much of this increased mortality is due to the practice of male circumcision.
In times past, there often was more of a consensus on what should be done, but this was still no guarantee that the experts were right, not when the prevailing views of experts were to toughen up our children by abandoning them for extended periods of time and not holding them for more than ten minutes a day.Other controversies concerning parenting still abound, such as whether or not to vaccinate. For example, American children are the most heavily vaccinated in the world, and they are also the most chronically ill.If an expert says something you agree with or disagree with, investigate further and learn all sides of the argument.

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