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Descrizione Wc chimico ideale per il campeggio Thetford Qube 365, comoda, pratica e robusta che non richiede allacciamento al sistema idrico o di scarico, Thetford ha la soluzione perfetta per voi, scopri con i tuoi occhi questa famosa invenzione Thetford! The Porta Potti Qube 365 is a family size portable toilet with a high capacity waste holding tank and a natural seating height. Thetford is not responsible for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by use of the product. For thorough cleaning of the flush-water tank of mobile toilets, we recommend our customers use Aqua Rinse Plus.
For a fresh and clean start and optimal performance of Aqua Rinse Plus, clean your flush-water tank before the first use by following these instructions.
Toilet consists of 2 sections: the upper section is a combined flush water tank and toilet bowl with detachable seat and cover.
The Porta Potti Excellence differs not only in its unique design from the PP Qube, it also distinguishes itself with its new shape, seating height and unique features (e.g. Aqua Kem Sachets are particularly suitable for winter camping as the sachets are filled with powder. Always clean your waste-holding tank with Cassette Tank Cleaner before storing it for longer periods. The flush-water tank should be emptied prior to any extended period of inactivity eg winter storage.
To prevent waste-holding tank leakage, always keep the rubber seals smooth and lubricated by regularly using Thetford Seal Lubricant.

Thetford offers a pleasantly-scented toilet fluid for the flush-water tank (Aqua Rinse Plus) and a variety of waste-holding tank products (Aqua Kem Blue, Aqua Kem Green, Aqua Kem Sachets). We carry extensive stocks of spare parts from all the leading brands and numerous other essential spares. If the part you require is not in our usual stock we can generally obtain the part in reasonable time.
If its a rare or obsolete Thetford part we have a wide range of these item and can usually find the part from other sources if not in our extensive stock. You will find a significant part of our product range displayed on our stand at the NEC Birmingham.
If you are planning or are in construction of a sellf build camper, we can help you with most of the components you could want to achive your intended camper design. Use Aqua Rinse Plus for ultimate freshness, clean flush-water and to keep your toilet protected. It thoroughly cleans the inside of the waste holding tank and removes the stubborn (calcium) deposits. Use Cassette Tank Cleaner for the waste-holding tank 2-3 times a year and treat the seals with Seal Lubricant when the seals become dry. Aqua Rinse Plus keeps the flush water fresh, ensures a smooth flush and leaves a protective layer. For more information on this product, go to the Care, Cleaning & Maintenance section on this website.

CTC safely removess stubborn calcium deposits on the inside of a waste-holding tank and Seal Lubricant keeps the seals soft.
This toilet paper is super-soft, dissolves quickly, prevents clogging and makes it easier to empty the waste-holding tank. Also, it is best to unscrew the pour out spout cap as this will also ventilate the waste-holding tank. Please note: unlike household silicone sprays, this spray is specially developed for Thetford toilets and plastic parts, and therefore absolutely safe to use. This toilet paper is super- soft, quickly dissolves, prevents clogging and makes it easier to empty the waste- holding tank.
All products for the waste-holding tank suppress unpleasant odours, stimulate the breakdown of waste, reduce the formation of gas, protect moving parts and help keep your waste-holding tank fresh and clean. Thetfords Porta Potti range offers, as standard features, a unique waste level indicator, a new push connect snap-lock system allows the water and waste holding tanks to be connected and taken apart easier than before.

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