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First comes a news photo of a terrible accident…a low-flying aircraft hitting some buildings on the ground. Two men dash across the tops of porta-potties in the infield at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, 2008. If you're curious, there are only a handful of bathrooms in Grant Park in the vicinity of the festival [source: Chicago Park District]. Portable bathrooms go by many names: porta-potty, porta-john, jiffy-john, porta-loo (UK) and toi-toi (Malaysia). While you're most likely to find portable bathrooms at large outdoor events like food festivals, county fairs and rock concerts, they're also required by law at most construction sites and a matter of urgent necessity just about anywhere there isn't a dedicated restroom: parks, hiking trails, roadside food stands and ball fields.
Porta-potties aren't pretty, but they are simple, well-built structures that fulfill a critical societal function. Resident's?? Committee member Sheila Selane sits on the porta-potty outside her home, she says they start to stink if the city does not come empty them and residents have to put them outside their shacks because its unhealthy to have them inside.
Residents of Khayelitsha Mzomhle in RR section say they are fed up with waiting for toilets promised by the city five years ago. Residents of the 393 shacks in Mzomhle have been using porta-potties supplied by the city since 2005.

Another resident, Fezeka Mfamane, who is a mother of eight children, said eating food with a full porta-pottie inside the house was unhealthy.
Residents’ Committee member Sheila Selane said residents in the 393 shacks were using the porta-potties and she was one of them. Ward councillor Elsie Kwayinto said the bucket system had nothing to do with her as ward councillor. She said the city planned to build toilets for the community but that meant some of the shacks needed to be moved because they were built on top of the drains but the owners refused to move. Kwayinto said once the residents got tired of using the porta-potties they might decide to move their shacks so toilets could be built. Acting executive director of city utility services, Philemon Mashoko, said additionally to the porta-potties, the city had installed 100 chemical toilets and 129 full-flush toilets in the area. Mashoko said the area was densely populated and people would have to move their homes in order for more full-flush toilets to be installed.
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This site hosts selected articles produced by West Cape News (WCN) and published in South African newspapers or magazines. Take a spoon, scrape the back of your tongue with the tip of it, let it dry. Place spoon under nose of someone you like, get their reaction without explaining to them what you just did. Here, for your enjoyment, are jokes and cartoons about porta-potties, err uh, portable toilets. And as repulsive as it seems to fill a stationary tank with human waste and suck it up with a vacuum once a week, portable toilets save a lot of water a€” an estimated 45 billion gallons (170 billion liters) a year [source: PSAI] a€” and beat the heck out of squatting in a field. WCN holds copyright on all content - please contact us for re-use rates or if you would like to commission us. After consulting with event organizers, the crew trucked in 380 regular porta-potties, 28 wheelchair accessible units, and 80 hand-washing stations with soap and fresh running water [source: Dageforde].

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