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Remember Luke Chrisco, the guy who was arrested back in 2011 for hiding inside the tank of a porta-potty in order to scope the underside of users at a Boulder-area yoga festival? In June 2011, we noted that a woman attending the Hanuman Festival stepped inside a portable lavatory -- and when she lifted the toilet's lid, she saw something moving in the deep, dark depths below.Cue shock, horror and a quick escape, after which she fetched a man and asked him to look inside. OMG monks you will never know how timely your post was, ty, u made me smile and actually lol!! He, too, saw movement beneath a tarp inside the tank, and after exiting the chamber, he heard the door lock behind him.
You wouldn't have, either.As the public wondered what yoga move the guy had used to squeeze into the tiny space -- the Sleeping Vishnu?

Afterward, most folks in his painful (in more ways than one) position would have clammed up.
The Silence of the LuvviesBehavioural Analysis unitQuantico, Virginia4th March, 2013 Sunny Starling, having recently recovered from a debilitating stroke that had made her speech almost unrecognisable (it took weeks for anyone to realise this was due to the stroke) was examining her anoderm and the surrounding area for any sign that her hemorrhoids were about to rear their ugly head again.
Even as he faces a possible return to a cell for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, he's reportedly suing the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and the county jail for the way he was treated while in stir.
At that point, he summoned a security supervisor, who waited outside for someone (or something) to come out.
But not Chrisco, who soon sat down with Fox31 for a jailhouse interview in which he referred to spying on urinating or defecating women -- "the highest creature in the universe," he maintained -- as "praising God" and said, "It sounds kind of weird, but I would just find my peace and go away -- say, 'Thank you, goddesses,' and go about my night."That's not all.
Chrisco also told the Fox31 crew and Boulder cops about some additional favorite peeping spots in Boulder, including an area Target and a number of restaurants.

However, the Boulder Daily Camera reveals that he faces the prospect of more jail time since he apparently hasn't been taking part in sex-offender treatment that was a condition of his release. An image flickered up on his black and white TV that was shaped like an astronauts helmet made to celebrate the 1969 moon landings. Moono shook her head "No, that is incidental, What is the first and principal thing he does?

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