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We accommodate same day deliveries and pickups, extended contracts, weekend rentals, rentals beyond one week, early morning deliveries and almost any other option you desire. Raising twins can be both a very fun experience as well as challenging as far as parenting is concerned. Potty training is already a difficult task for parents, let alone potty training two children simultaneously. One of the best things you can do to potty train your twin easily is to make it seem like a really fun experience. It is not necessary that the twins will be ready to poop always at the same time and hence you cannot always aim to train them together. The twins will definitely have many questions and their focus may also shift to what the other is doing. Like many other technological and engineering innovations of the 20th century, the portable toilet was born during World World II. Early generations of porta-potties were big, heavy structures made out of wood or metal, and were a challenge to transport from site to site. The fiberglass Strongbox was just as sturdy as wood or metal, but much easier to clean and lighter to transport. Swank: The well–known brand Baby Bjorn also manufactures six hues of bright plastic potties for youngsters in training. The ones with all the decorations and sounds are stupid, a potty is not a toy, and IMO shouldn't be made out to be like one to a child. We used the Bjorn while potty training our son, and I have to say, the extra $6 is WAY worth it.

We used the Bjorn toilet seat that goes on the adult potty for at home and this one for travel (we road trip A LOT). I'm a total IKEA fan, but on this one, I'm voting for Bjorn, durability is something that is more important to me on this.
I have the Bjorn one, I never considered it posh, there are much fancier and pricier options out there.
Anyway, my son has yet to go in it, he thinks it's a very interesting toy and keeps trying to put his feet in it. We handle sanitation for special events, parties, construction sites, movie locations and sporting events.
They may look alike but their habits, ability to learn things and other things may not be as similar and this is where the real challenge lies.
If you are a parent of twins and need to do this daunting task soon, then the following given tips and suggestions might prove helpful for you. Choose either the same color for both or get their individual favorite colors so that they don’t fight over it.  By choosing their favorite colors, you can make them feel like their potty is their possession. So choose the timing of training wisely and make it part of their daily schedule for them to get used to the prospect. Answer their questions patiently and smartly and explain to them the importance of what they are learning.  Don’t lose patience if they ask too many questions or don’t show progress for a long time.
The 1940s war effort required sturdy and sanitary temporary toilets that could be erected while constructing military bases or moving personnel into areas lacking infrastructure [source: PSAI].
Today's standard porta-potty has a white translucent roof to let in natural light, a non-slip floor to prevent accidents, and a ventilation system designed to route nasty odors up and out of the holding tank.

Spending $10 on a training toilet doesn't seem over the top to me, but I did stumble across a cheaper version.
The $10 pot gets you the brand name, a cute teddy bear logo and smoother surface for the tush. If one is doing better than the other, then rather than comparing, encourage both together.  Each child is unique and even twins can have different rate or speed of learning. Portable toilets, on the other hand, are self-contained units where human waste is stored temporarily in a holding tank and removed by some very dedicated people. Porta-potty pioneer Harvey Heather is credited with designing the first one-piece fiberglass unit, called the Strongbox, in the late 1970s [source: Kneiszel]. The thick, dark material didn't let in any natural light, and the units weren't designed to be stackable on flatbed trucks, which increased the cost of transport from factory to customer [source: Kneiszel]. Basic models even have a separate urinal and an antibacterial gel dispenser for improved sanitation. She's only 18 months so toilet training hasn't begun, but it is offered to her before her bath every day.
She peed in it once last week, but it was my hubbie's encouragement, I think, because she won't do it for me.

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