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Standard portable toilets or basic portable toilets are the right choice when an economical solution is needed. We keep our standard toilets in good condition, and we'll work with you to set up a plan that keeps them well-maintained and easy to use. The High-Rise Head is CALLAHEAD’s portable toilet specifically designed for contracting and construction jobsites located in high-rise buildings, which may, or may not, have available elevators. In either situation, the use of standard-sized porta-potties is usually not an option, because they simply cannot fit in elevators or through hallways. The High-Rise Head is compact, yet it is a full service portable restroom, with a standard size toilet bowl, urinal, toilet paper dispenser and privacy door.

This hi-rise port a potty also gives contractors a cost effective way for crews working on multiple floors, or even between floors, to have access to portable restroom facilities. Additionally, with the High-Rise Head’s ability to be attached to a crane, it can be lifted to any floor convenient for your employees to use. This porta potty is also perfect for Special Events that are in apartment buildings or other remote locations, for the same portability and maneuverability qualities that make it great for construction situations. Whether you need a portable toilet rental on the top floor of a building, or down in a basement or cellar, the High-Rise Head has the mobility you require. Through decades of experience in the portable sanitation industry, CALLAHEAD has accommodated just about every portable toilet rental location requested by our customers.

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