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When putting on kid gloves, always begin by buttoning the second button, then, when buttoned to the top, you can easily fasten the first button without tearing the kid.
When cut bread and butter is left over from meals, place it with a serviette which has been dipped in cold water. To prevent the juice from boiling over in a fruit tart, sprinkle the fruit with cornflower. Attention has been called to the value of the rabbit as an article of food during the present high prices of meat. The above photograph is of Halliwells Butchers, Selkirk, Scotland, with a string of rabbits hanging outside, a rare sight these days!
About a 100 of the 6th Northumberland Fusiliers including the Band arrived at Wooler on Monday afternoon on their recruiting tour.
Preserving food was an important part of Victorian life, as we have demonstrated through the year with experiments in pickling, canning, and drying. What was, 150 years ago, an exercise in thrift and practicality is now an elegant snack that brings something unique to the table for holidays and entertaining.
This site definitely has all of the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. Never remove the glove by pulling the fingers, but by drawing the part covering the wrist over the hand.
Land owners and farmers, who have a sufficiency of hands left, should see to it and keep the adjacent towns as liberally supplied as possible, and meet the needs of the poorer inhabitants.
If I had a domestic staff, I would be a terrible tyrant, making them save and use every scrap of food and every animal bone. They are worth shopping around for, because I see greater discrepancies in rabbit prices than any other meat.

When done enough, remove the rabbit from the broth, separate the tender flesh from the bones, and pound the meat, with the bacon, in a mortar, until reduced to a perfectly smooth paste.
Press the meat compactly into potting-pots (I like clear glass canning jars for this), pour over melted butter, and keep covered refrigerated. Mince the ham and stir together the softened or melted fat in the above proportion, seasoning it with cayenne pepper, allspice, pepper, pounded mace, and nutmeg. Press the mixture firmly into potting-pots or a jar to prevent air pockets, pour over clarified butter, and keep it refrigerated.
I submitted it to a Seattle food blog for DIY foodie Christmas ideas, so I hope they take it.
They always talked about potted meats in Enid Blyton boarding school stories and it always freaked me out a wee bit… but looks tasty! The Queen's Scullery is a collaborative weblog about Victorian-era culture, food, history, and more. If the iron is occasionally passed over the bag, it will give the article a beautiful gloss. The cutting of the harvest has tended to make the supply more liberal, but in Berwick on Saturday it was not equal to the demand, prices ranging from 1s 4d to 1s 10d per pair.
In the evening a meeting was held in the Archbold Hall at which Mr Noel Villiers of Weetwood presided. The Book of Household Management lists several recipes for potted meats, including veal, anchovies, and more. One Seattle store carries $25 rabbit, while at one of my favorite Asian markets I can usually get one for around $6. I recommend mace for an authentic Victorian flavor, and also to blow people’s minds trying to figure out what it is, since many people are unfamiliar with it now.

At the beginning of the week the star film will be “The Link in the Chain,” a tense drama in three parts. The potted meat keeps a long time, but it’s not shelf-stable like a pickle, so plan accordingly. Stew very gently on low, covered, for 2 hours, until the rabbit is tender, and the flesh will separate easily from the bones.
You could also chop the meat very finely.] Should it not be sufficiently seasoned, add a little cayenne, salt, and pounded mace, but be careful that these are well mixed with the other ingredients. If well-seasoned, it will keep a long time in winter, and will be found very convenient for sandwiches, &c. Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment, contacting us, or following us on RSS.
The charge is laid on an innocent man, who suffers imprisonment while his friends toil incessantly to prove his innocence, and they eventually do so to the undoing of the unscrupulous and the righting of the innocent.
As a number of meetings have already been held here, both Wooler and district having responded well to the call, recruits were invited to come forward, but apparently without result. Commencing on Thursday next the feature will be “Temptation.” an intensely dramatic photo-play in three parts. The synopsis, which is a lengthy one, could not receive justice here owing to lack of space, but suffice it to say that it is a story of strong passions, full of sensations and thrills. An officer’s wife expressed her disgust at seeing so many young men in civilian clothes dancing saying she felt ashamed of them.

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