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Read on to see just how they did it, and their tips and tricks for getting the same look in your home. The team brought  all of the homeowner’s purchased supplies and decorations — including one of our Faux Blue Spruce Lighted Trees — to the house.
The team brought in metallic Pottery Barn ornaments in all shapes and sizes to work around the chosen gold and white color palette.
Green gardening wire blends into the tree and helps keep the twig garlands and accents in place.
Fishing line helps keep the bigger Woodland Creatures (including the Hedgehog in this photo) in place. I just wanted to tell you I just saw your post and I think I’m going to copy your idea of the Eiffel Tower as your tree topper in light of what happened 2 days ago.
Ted Kennedy Watson of the company Watson Kennedy is known for his whimsical but classic approach to design.

In the hectic hurry of our everyday lives, our gardens are often neglected as functioning, purposeful parts of our homes and routines. We love Pottery Barn but we don’t love their inflated prices for items that look rather easy to turn into a DIY project.
Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Classic Lantern Lamps Updated by Dick Oatts on Saturday, February 16, 2013, is one of the images from the main content Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture for Renovating Outdoor Space.There are 11 more images that you can see below. Cozy Contemporary House with Open Plan Interior in Bright View I want to see my niece to inform her important news. Dream Home Interior Design Idea that Will Amaze You Do you know how dream home interior design looks like? Whether it’s in the magazine or in the store, they’re always festive, fun and styled to perfection. After a couple Christmas seasons at Pottery Barn, they’ve learned the ins and outs of how to make a Christmas tree look perfect.

Fishing line, green gardening wire, pliers and twine were must-haves to create a successful Christmas tree design. While the team aimed to use a little less decor for this in-home tree, they still suggest trying to hang something on almost every branch. Okay, okay, you can put your hands down now, no one can see you unless the government is spying on you through your web cam.
Haha Thanks for featuring our roundup of 20 Amazing Pottery Barn knockoffs on your site…I stumbled across it.
This year, as an extension of our complimentary in-home Design Services, a group of team members from our Burlingame, California store designed a beautiful Pottery Barn Christmas tree at a nearby home.

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