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We were not many that attended, but those who did attend were pure hearted Boers of the highest standard, they were the ones that hear the blood of our people calling out to us for recognition and justice. So thank you to – Lita Fourie for all your hard work and planning, thank you for your time and the great distance you travelled to be with us on this special occasion, in my books you will always be one of the few that can walk tall and be proud of what you have done for us as a nation.
Thank you to Tinus and his group of members that represented the Ware Boere Weerstandsbeweeging, your words were deep and meaningful and will stay with us forever, on behalf of an ungrateful nation I will step up and thank you and pay you my highest compliment – jy is n ware Boer! Thank you to Oom Tinus Delport for leading us in scripture and prayer, if the church had more men like you its members would not be in the terrible position they are in right now. Thank you to the AWB who were there in full uniform and regalia, it warms my heart to see men,woman and children that are so proud to be a part of the Afrikaner nation.
Thank you to Barend of Boere Vryheid for all the silent unseen work you do in the background! Thank you to the Suiderlanders who were also well represented for showing that you have the best interest of the people at heart.
Thank you to Susan Pohl who educated us about the signs that are to be found when a farm attack is imminent.
And to all of you who don’t belong to any organization but came anyway to show your support and sympathy for all the thousands of our people who have died in this silent unreported war, I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart, its because of people like you that we do what we do!

And to the tens of thousands of people who live in close proximity to this monument but still did not attend? Tinus of the Ware Boere Weerstandsbeweeging who’s words will not easily be forgotten. Susan Pohl who’s tips to the people on how to know if you are being targeted were very helpful. Rapsaad olie klink lekkerder in Deens, maar die Sweede naam vir panty liners – trosskyd… nee jissis !! They were the kind of South Africans that will come to your aid in your time of need, they were the few, the strong, the ones who still know what it means to stand together as a nation and demand to be heard. It is time to start looking further than your little group and start becoming a part of what once was a proud nation, don’t wait until you need us to protect you and feed you to be a part of us!
Do you not care that our people are being exterminated by the ANC and its hordes of criminals!! Now is the time to start preparing and building strong bonds with the rest of us who are already prepared. What did you do today that was more important than showing your solidarity with the people of your nation that are under attack?

Was that rugby game more important the the lives of women and children snuffed out never to be seen again?
Open your eyes people it is a war and you are just walking along as though you were blind!! Was your braai and klippies and coke so important that it takes preference to the safety of our farmers and old people? Be a legend – be the shelter our people need in the storm, be the light in the dark – it is your duty!
Lets honor and respect those who have died by standing together with one purpose and one voice!

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