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Lest you think it’s all business and no fun, bright, happy colors are definitely represented in the lineup!
Got any favorites I missed or good tips for moms in the potty training trenches? Hang in there, mamas, may you one day receive this card for Mother’s Day. July 10, 2015 Thinking it would be great for the beach or camping too since it can sit on the ground! July 10, 2015 We had the boon potty bench for three years and that thing collected dust faster than I could clean it.
For decades, the industry standard for killing bacteria in porta-potties was formaldehyde, the same potent chemical used to preserve tissue samples and embalm corpses.
The average American flushes more water down the toilet each day than we use showering, washing dishes, washing clothes or any other single activity [source: EPA]. Reviewers love the cushiness, easy cleaning one-piece design and high splashguard for boys. The top of the seat flips down to create a bench which can hold up to 300 lbs, in case your kid is a really late bloomer.
Hopefully that was helpful for some of you, or a fond trip down memory lane for those already on the other side!

I kept in our diaper bag (has its own plastic bag) when my son was potty training as he was terrified of falling in on public toilets.
Now that our little one is fully potty trained, we keep the potty chair in a plastic bag in the back of our car. There aren't' enough chemicals in the world to cover up the unmistakable sight and smell of a pile of human waste.
But an increasing number of states have outlawed formaldehyde in portable toilets, because wastewater treatment plants aren't equipped to properly dispose of the chemical, a known carcinogen [source: CEPA].
Instead of killing off all microbial life in the tank, the green approach is to introduce beneficial enzymes and microbes that feed on odor-causing bacteria. It’s the baby gear you love to hate, the hard-to-clean, primary colored hunk of plastic occupying a prominent place in your kitchen?
It looks kind of like a giant gummy candy which kids will like, also in bright blue or a grown-up gray that’ll go great with the white subway tile in your kitchen. Some biological additives even speed up the decomposition of organic matter, including toilet paper, which means that tanks don't need to be emptied as often.
And when temperatures soar, bacteria go into overdrive, meaning things get very stinky very fast.

In the depths of winter, porta-potty operators add a salty brine to lower the freezing point of the tank. Check out more modern potty picks including the best travel potty ever, which you can still use after they’re potty trained! To combat this, porta-potty operators bump up the ratio of chemicals to water in the summer, and also when a unit is expected to receive heavy use, like at a festival.
A nifty trick for keeping the brine ratio correct is to add a cake of rock salt to the urinal. If you’re super lucky, it also talks or has a million distracting features that ensure your kid will do anything but her business on it. Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at it in various rooms of your house for as loooong as it takes, why not get a modern potty seat that looks good, is easy to clean, but fun enough that your kid wants to use it?

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