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If this doesn’t convince you to STAY AWAY from the Tupelo Marathon then you might be the right person to sign up. Making music, playing with animal friends, keeping little hands (and feet!) busy—it’s all extra-fun from the start with a colourful light-up piano, a playful monkey friend, and four different ways to play as baby grows! This musical lion keeps a wild beat, encouraging baby to bop the balls and pound them through the holes for rewarding lights, sounds, roll-out action, and plenty of lively fun!

It’s a great way to encourage eye-hand coordination and other physical skills as baby learns to sit, balance, grasp and tap.
Thank you Angie for your expert coaching and for putting up with my whining through the fat adaption process! I definitely never would have thought I could do it til I started listening into Angie and Trevor and MTA!

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