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Flip the potty trainer down for children to use and flip the trainer up for adults to use the normal seat. Features of the Flip n Flush Toilet Potty Seat include: Easily and semi-permanently attaches to your adult toilet seat. The Flip-N-Flush is now available for standard round toilet seats, as well as in elongated. To determine if your toilet is round-front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes (which connects the seat to the bowl) to the front rim of the toilet. Separate Flip n Flush seat from it's hinge bracket by snapping the seat mounting arms ot of the hinges.
Raise existing toilet seat up with one hand while sliding the Flip n Flush hinge bracket under anchor bolts. The Flip-N-Flush is now available for elongated toilet seats, as well as in standard round. Email us or call us at 281-485-3330 (open 9 am to 4 pm CST) if you have any more questions about how to figure out if this flip n flush potty seat will fit your toilet seat. This Decorative Toilet Seat is well-made and sturdy enough for any of the bathrooms in the house and will be sure to get the attention of all your guests!
Needless to say, there is something called a slow-close toilet seat that you can purchase to prevent this from happening. Perhaps most importantly, Flip-N-Flush is the only potentially penis-friendly seat that includes a splash guard.
My son had the misfortune of having that accident, but we had him eat a bowl of ice cream, while holding the ice cream on his lap, and that kept the swelling down. We have slow close lids at home, but the problem is that they aren’t on toilets outside the home. My three and a half year old son dropped the seat on his penis at school last month, luckily he was fine.
Dinosaur, I’m guessing the Magnolia is the Xpress Trainer linked above, or is made by the same manufacturer and sold under a different brand name. Thanks for the great post–though my reasons for looking for a slow close seat are not for penis-saving purposes specifically (my son sits to pee).

Our three year old took to potty training wonderfully and has stood to pee since the beginning. If you are not wanting to purchase one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you!
This Decorative Toilet Seat is well-made and sturdy enough for the most-used bathroom in the house and so elegantly designed it is sure to get the compliments rolling in!
This Flip Toilet Potty Seat for ELONGATED TOILETS uses a hidden-in-the-lid, child-sized toilet seat and a fun reward system. The NextStep Built-In Potty Seat is an innovative product for helping your child potty train. This Flip Toilet Potty Seat is available for standard round toilet seats, as well as elongated toilet seats. We had been trying for 6 mos to potty train my 3 yr-old and those funky seat on the seat things just weren't working.
It was possible to put install the flip n flush with the padded seat--though NOT recommended--but it was a little too thick and the base of the flip n flush cut little dents into the padded seat. Safety experts have become hip to real incidents of potty training tragedy where heavy toilet lids slam down on boys’ wee little ones. As he screamed, I prayed for the nurse in me to kick in because I had to look even though I didn’t want to. Manufacturers need to make family seats that have the three crucial features: #1 slow-close lids, #2 splash guards and #3 locking clips that keep the toddler seat attached to the lid when not in use.
Also, share you experiences with any of these seats, or your own horrific purple penis incidents. Something to note about the newer toilets, the seats slope inward for comfort, so all the potty training inserts do not work with them and are not secure.
Round) Share --> This Decorative Toilet Seat - Bronze with Gold Design will add character to your kids' bathroom or a fun guest bath!
Putting the actual seat onto the bracket once the bracket was installed was kind of tough, but I got it on there. It comes with chrome hinges and is made out of a clear poly-resin material which allows you to view all the different US coins that are designed into the seat.

It’s clear manufacturers are focused on noise, not about preserving our ability to be grandparents one day. I foolishly replaced it with a penis-crushing model because I wanted a locking clip that keeps the toddler seat attached to the lid when not in use (creating less annoyance for adult guests).
Or you could use self-adhessive Velcro to secure the lid to the toilet tank.A  Or you could install an adult slow-close lid for use with the Flip-N-Flush. RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites.
The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this grand toilet seat which is made of an orange colored poly-resin material and adorned with a beautiful bronze and gold design.
The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes. We went to the [emergency room] and quite honestly the first couple of hours we weren’t sure how it was going to end up. But since I became a penis preservation advocate, I have not located a slow-close seat that has a locking clip.
This Flip Toilet Potty Seat is ideal for initial training, can remain installed until your child is large enough to fit properly on an adult seat, and will help reduce your child's fear of "falling" into the toilet. Definitely will be great for my 2 year old in potty training mode. Adult and Toddler All in One Toilet Seat (Oct 04, 2014) Reviewer: Renee Jansen We love this seat!
Click here for more information and graphics that show you how to measure your toilet to determine if your toilet is the standard round or elongated.This Flip Toilet Potty Seat for ELONGATED TOILETS come only in white. Potty Training Concepts has great customer serivce and contacted Bemis who promptly sent wrong hardware again. I had already contacted hardware stores and knew you cannot get the hardware from anyone but Bemis.

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