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Overview - The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers is a unique new toilet training method developed by Dr.
Join the Millionaire's Club and receive FREE SHIPPING, plus tons of exclusive benefits and offers. Colorful 12-piece sensory path sets create unique balancing challenges and increase tactile stimuli simultaneously! I picked three days that I knew we wouldn’t have to leave the house so that I could completely focus on Kyah.
First thing when Kyah woke up in the morning, I reminded her in an excited voice that today was the day that we were going to give away all the diapers and now we were going to start potty training.
First we went around and collected all the diapers we could find, on the dresser, in my purse and in the swimming bag and put them in a box to giveaway. The rest of the morning we just did the usual things, played, read, built gingerbread houses and ate. Then it was nap time, so I explained about her special underwear for sleeping (pull-ups.) She put them on along with a pair of her princess underwear on top. That night before bed we put a pull-up on her, a pair of underwear on top of that, to make her feel like a big girl and she went to sleep. But then my regime hit a hiccup because I had made a commitment a while back to meet some friends for dinner at 4 o’clock.
I sat her on the potty before bed and then she put on her pull up and underwear and went to bed. For the next few days, because it was the holiday season and we had lots of commitments we weren’t able to stay home all day to continue the potty training so we took the potty training on the road with us wherever we went.
I packed a bag with a portable potty, wipes, a change of clothes, a pull-up and a change of potty training underwear. One great thing I used for Kyah was dresses and leg warmers, so that whenever we were indoors, I could let her be naked under her dress and she wouldn’t get cold. We continued with the same regime as the last three days, but now we let Kyah wear regular underwear (which she was very excited about) during there day.
I love practical advice posts and I hope I can offer so much value as you have done with my two blogs, the internet marketing one and the weight loss one. It’s great and for those of you who are thinking about starting I wanted to share with you how we did it. I made sure the hubby would also be around for at least the first day or two so that he could help out if need be, especially with keeping our oldest, Keyan, busy.
Her diaper was full from the night before, so I took it off and cleaned her and told her it would be her last diaper and soon she would get to wear underwear. Kyah then wanted to wear underwear because that was something she was really excited about.

Today, along with books, I also let her play some games and watch some songs on the iPad each time she sat on the potty to try. I made sure to sit Kyah on the potty at regular intervals: first thing in the morning, after lunch, after nap time, before dinner, before  bed and right before we left the house. Her accidents were minor, just a little pee coming out if we were in the car or we took to long to her her to the potty if we were out of the house. If we are going to be out of the house, then we do get her to sit before we leave but now I’m pretty confident that she will tell us when she has to go. There was some constipation on her end but that is normal considering that it was probably stressful for Kyah at first. Kyah already wakes up a couple times a night, but now she is staying up for half an hour to two hours.
Unfortunately, potty train your child sometimes drives you crazy because of many reasons such as the readiness of your child and the method you use that is ineffective. The Potty Boot Camp works for nearly every child because is combines the most successful and enduring toilet training techniques. She even wakes up and calls us in the middle of the night if she needs to use the bathroom. I also mentally prepared myself for the fact that it would probably take longer than three days and that it may not even work if Kyah wasn’t ready. My plan for day 1 was no underwear at all because when they are wearing something, it feels like a diaper and then they’ll just go  in it. The morning was more successful than yesterday, we had a good pee in the potty but that was it.
If we were out or at someone else’s house, I made sure to keep going with the same routine. The reason being, she wakes up if she has to use the potty, which is fine, actually it’s great. Well, you need to solve the problem for example by doing potty training boot camp.Many parents have done it to their child and the result is quite satisfying. Five days after we started, Kyah was 85% potty trained and by day ten, I’d say she was at 95%. The positive I can take out of this is that she is good at holding it, which is necessary for potty training. I’d have to try and get more fibre and water in her tomorrow and hopefully that would help. I would also continually remind Kyah that pee and poo was for the potty and not for her underwear. Bed times have become more of a battle because she keeps coming out of bed saying that she has to pee and because she is potty training, I can’t tell her no.

In less than a month and even e week, your little one has been familiar with his potty and use it appropriately. That 5% is for the times when she’s out or in the car and a little bit of pee comes out but then she holds it until we get her to a potty. But I reminded myself that it was just the first day and that she’d been wearing diapers for more than two years so it was going to take some time.
In this way, you can save more time and energy to train your child going to the toilet.Yes, potty training boot camp is amazingWhat makes this method different from others? I would put an underwear on her and if she peed in it, then no more underwear for the rest of the day. Basically, the principles are similar to the toilet training you usually do, like you have to make sure your childa€™s readiness and take step by step to introduce him with the potty or toilet.
However, if you read potty training boot camp reviews, you will understand that this strategy combines several techniques of potty training that have been proven to be effective, so you can say it is all in one.Besides, it enables you to be more focus on your child because you do it in your spare time like weekends or holidays. This also helps you to provide supportive and pleasant environment for your child to do toilet training, thus the process can be less stressful.Wait! Along with the advantages, it is better to read and apply some useful tips of doing the training. You can find and use potty training boot camp advice from downloadable potty training boot camp pdf in the internet for the complete version, but for this time, reading the general info is a good idea to give you a clearer view of it:Pick the right weekendIf you are a working mom, weekend is the best time for you play with your lovely kid as well as training him to go to the toilet. Although this is the only time for you to be with him all day, you cannot push your child to be in the boot camp if he does not want to because he is not ready yet for that. These are reusable, with additional layer between the legs so whenever an accident happens, your child can feel the wet unlike the diaper. And also, it enables you to teach him about listening to his body and sit on the potty whenever he recognize the urge.Twins are challengingWhat if you have twins? Potty training boot camp for twins opens up your mind to the positive side of training two children at once. You know, it is natural for siblings to have competition so you can take advantage from the condition.When you succeed in leading one child to do the business in the toilet, the brother or sister will feel challenged to do the same. The competitiveness can be more useful if both do the activity at the same time.Praise is the best rewardYes, you need to give your child reward for his hard work although probably one or two accidents happen in that day. Especially if you do potty training boot camp for special needs, you need to be aware of your child extra needs of reward considering he is different from others.It does not mean you discriminate him, not at all. You understand that he works harder than other children in general thus he deserves a little more appreciation.

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